Save The Best For Last & Get Free

I was adopted in 1991 --I was 4-- and one of my memories that I will treasure forever, is riding around in my mom's (adoptive and perfectly awesome and the only Mom that I will ever have!) White Thunderbird, we were in the McDonald's drive thru and while we were waiting for our order, she popped in a cassette of Vanessa L Williams. The cassette only had two songs; Freedom Dance (Get Free!) & Save The Best For Last. Like all individuals who think on their past-- there is something that makes your heart go warm/fuzzy or there is something that makes you feel safe and secure. Those two songs were the foundation of my childhood --I don't think there was a time that I didn't hear those songs. Clearly, I associated happiness and family moments with that cassette and even now when I hear those two songs I always felt like anything was possible.

I just want to lift my arms and soar whenever the Freedom Dance comes on. As an young adult (because I am only 23); I am now associating different emotions with Save The Best For Last; but the feeling is still the same.. a quest for hope.

Google; Grooveshark; and Check out the songs! :)

                                                       Small Fam Get Together: Jan 2010


Holiday Special --You Must Be Deaf: Lil Shun Hendrix

I don't really celebrate Christmas but I do honor what the day is supposed to signify. So have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

ps. Eleven-year old, Lil Shun Hendrix has a beautiful voice!


87HairStyles: 2011 Hair Ideas!

Like, most women I'm all excited for the New Years look. The transformation from the old into the new. Most specifically my hair. As we all know black women are all about their hair; and while I'd like to front and say I could give a fig -------- not true.

So I was checking out the Coco&Creme article about finding the right bangs for your face shape. And I got so geeked. I've been wanting to wear bangs for a minute -- especially the bob. But I didn't know if I could pull it off. Honestly I'm not comfortable with wearing straight weaves -- it took me a while to get used to micros but I think according to the article I have a heart shaped face with some circle-ish tendencies?? lol So check out the article and see what your face shape is:

But back to me; These are some hair styles I'm interested in.. thoughts & suggestions??


You Must Be Deaf: Bobby Ray's New Mixtape & Exclusive Interview via Zuri Hall

If you all remember from my September spotlight -- B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray has replaced Usher & Trey Songz as my celebrity crush (HOLD UP.. I STILL LOVE MY BOO DWIGHT HOWARD). Bobby Ray Simmons has a new mixtape titled "No Genre" and of course I'm geeked. His latest song "Beast Mode" is ..... frikkin awesome! So click the play button and go crazy!

I hope ya'll didn't think I was done! Check out my bff's Zuri Hall exclusive interview with Bobby Ray Simmons. And yes I eventually forgave her for not getting me his John Hancock or his number! :D


Must See: Jesse Williams aka Dr. Jackson Avery

In love much? Greys Anatomy has always been a fave show of mine; but its gotten so much better since Dr. Avery joined the cast in season 6.

Brief Bio:
AGE 29 -- LEO

ROMANTIC STATUS Engaged; His fiancée, a real estate agent, "is her own person," he says. "Being intelligent and self-made is a big deal for me."
EDUCATION: Temple University, with degrees in African American Studies and Film & Media Arts



You Must Be Deaf!:Impossible-Cinderella

Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage, Impossible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage, and four white mice will never be four white horses. Such falderal and fiddle dee dee of course is, impossible. But the world is full of zanies and fools, who don't believe in sensible rules, and won't believe what sensible people say, and because these daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes, impossible things are happining everyday.





You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.

Here is the analysis : ...

웃 : You love the crowd... a party animal!

웃 : You hide your emotions... Sometimes pretending to be ...always happy.

웃 : You search for love...

웃 : You appreciate simple things in life...

웃 : You’re independent!


You Must Be Deaf!: Born This Way -Lady Gaga

Totally, can't wait for this song!

From Sangria to a Stick of Gum

Hey Friends,

So where did I leave off?? Sight-Seeing correct?? Ok, so after I saw the majority of the sites of Barcelona and I knocked off a few more museums I finally went back to the hostel and go dolled up and made plans to eat some traditional Catalan food, drink sangria, and meet up with some people from Couch Surfing. What happened was me being all dolled up and staying on the internet for about 2 hours. I know such a jerk move. But I did meet up with the CSer's (along with 2 girls I met at the hostel; Sheba (who is from Paris) & Virginia (who is from Brazil but lives in Paris). We caught the metro, found the bar, and it's like we stepped into paradise.

For every woman, there was like 10 guys. No lie. Majority of them were deliciously hot. I now know what it feels like to be a man. My neck aches from whipping it around. The guys we met complained of the huge numbers and I told them that in the US the ration is vastly different -- 30 US women to 1 US man. That actually explains why women aren't married. But, yea so we had a few beers and lots of good convo and I was ashamed.


I'm in Love with BCN

Hey Friends,

When I visit a city I always try to figure out if I could live there or not; most of the cities I've visited don't make the cut except for Berlin, possibly Munich, and Verona. I will have to add Barcelona to my list. Everything is pretty much simple to understand in regards to navigation --tho I did get confused several times, but I utilized my map and got around. But yea I think I love her...

So, what happened today?? Ok let's start with last night, I met this amazing French girl who has the most awesomest name EVER ...Sheba like the Queen of Sheba --- which coincidentally is another name for Ethiopia ... and I thought I was cultured. Anyhoo, we decided to hit the clubs with the hostel and meet up at 1:30am. By than I had two beers on an empty stomach and was feeling quite BUzzzEd. I went and got a wack version of a doner and I fell asleep. Luckily I had the foresight to get dressed beforehand.

Youtuber of the Week


You Must Be Deaf!: Kate Nash

Molestations & Museums

Hey Luvvies!

So, here's the official update on my Friday adventures of BCN.

--Woke up around 830am and decided I wanted to tour via a go-car.
What the hell was I thinking?? So, apparently driving this "car" is like a motorcycle or a scooter. Let me insert, if I were driving a scooter or motorcycle all would end up badly due to my horrible coordination.  However, I went the optimistic route of "it can't be that hard." So, after the initial scare of having to deposit 300Euro just in case I crashed

Let's break it down.
--If I crashed the car I'd have to pay 300Euro plus my own insurance
-- There was a huge possibility of me being stopped by the cops cuz I don't have an international license .. hello I have the face that gets stopped. I'm too cute so I must be doing something wrong...
 Anyhoo the 300Euro never went down due to me not having a 1,000,000$ credit limit, so the company settled for my passport and 100Euro.


Hanging around Geneva Airport

Hello Luvvies

Right now I'm sitting in the Geneva airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona.

Quick facts:

-- missed my 6am flight
-- really pissed off that I was forced to miss my 6am flight
-- actually left the house on time .. dont understand how I missed it
-- I'm not down with it snowing in November ... jerks
-- I bought another plane ticket because I refuse to miss my long waited holiday
-- Thank Goodness for CREDIT CARDS
-- I felt like a G swiping that card to pay for my new trip
-- I feel like such a bum for being pumped about that
-- Bored as all get out!
-- Still haven't found the love of my life
-- Most likely because I've been glued to this internet since I've arrived in Geneva


Youtuber of The Week

If you are an avid youtuber subcriber or you love to upload vlogs; be sure to send me your information so I can spotlight you!  :)


You Must Be Deaf: Electro/House

Saw this on a fellow blogger's page-- SHOUTOUT to Amanda aka LouderThanThat; I really love this song. Since I've been in Germany I'm becoming a fan of Electro/House music. It isn't hard to dance too-- just dance how you feel. It's so fun and a great break from the Hip Hop sections of the clubs:

Check Out Drake's Version of a Little Bit:


5 Days until BCN Madness

Hey Friends

So it's officaly 5 days until I leave for Spain, most specifically BARCELONA! I'll be there Thurs Nov 24-Sun Nov 28  I'm still tryna figure out a title for my trip.........

I'm thinking:
  • Barcelona Locura
  • 87PageS Barcelona
  • I'm not V or C Just ME: Barci Style
  • Vicky Cristina & 87PageS
  • Barna & I
Clearly I'm not being creative enough; so currently I'll leave it untitled till I experience the city...

I'm uber excited and scared to travel solo via RyanAir...

Utility 6: Heels & Sweaters via Forever 21


You Must Be Deaf!: Exclusive Travis Porter Interview

So November 10 I had the opportunity to see hip-hop trio; Travis Porter perform at a local club in Nabburg, Germany. Let's just say believe the hype; this group has so much energy, enthusiasm, and did I mention energy. There wasn't a dull moment during their mini-concert and the fans (American Soldiers, Dependents, Spouses, Civilians and the German Nationals) were giving back the love ten-fold!

The fellas were totally geeked to have their latest song Make It Rain hit the Top 50 in the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts –which is doubly awesome considering they are an independent label. The young men that make up Travis Porter have known each other since elementary school and they all reside in Georgia.
Travis Porter Stats:

Alright, so let’s dive into this INTERVIEW!

87PageS: Ok I must admit I was very confused at your concert—I kept saying which one is Travis Porter. Clearly you must get that question a lot, so now the ultimate question is; are ya’ll sadistic or was this a part of the game plan/ and how did ya’ll come up with the name?

Quez: (Laughs) No but It was intentionally made to be a conversation piece. So when people saw three people on stage they would wanna YouTube or Google the group.

87PageS: Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way; why did you all pick Germany and how long have you been here?

Quez: Actually, we didn’t pick Germany. They picked us. We go where the people want. We’ve been here since 11/4 and we leave 11/14.


Free Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Free Gemini Monthly Horoscope

You Must Be Deaf!: Little Dragon

Fellow blogger TDF http://khalfani-rice.blogspot.com/ put me onto this group. Usually I'm not into electronic music but He has an excellent ear when it comes to making beats and music in general. So I was willing to take a listen;

TDF is actually apart of the group the Great Lakes Crew--recently spotlighted in my blog http://87pages.blogspot.com/2010/10/you-must-be-deaf-great-lakes-crew.html

Little Dragon hails from Sweden and consist of 4 Swedes; your attention will be most likely be centered on front woman Yukimi Nagano ; Her vocals are so crisp. She reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae/Erykah Bady but in a more hardcore way. Either way I'm officially a fan and I'm putting this on my To-Do List for albums to buy!

I couldn't really decide what video to play so I def urge ya'll to check out http://www.myspace.com/yourlittledragon to hear more songs!


Angels Surround Me

Hey Friends,

I haven't actually written a personal blog piece in awhile so let me update you on the past week. As everyone knows I'm always super geeked for Halloween -- I love to dress up. I had all these awesome costume ideas

1. Cat Woman
2. Lady Gaga
3. Little Monster (Lady Gaga fan)
4. Cats the Musical
5. Sexy Astronaut

Unfortunately I wound up being a bizarre looking fairy with a pair of angel wings and a tiara. I looked a mess but my makeup was on point.

So on Oct 30 my friend Mia (she was a pirate) and I decided to hit up Munich for the festivities. I drove [her car] and we hit Kultfabrik (which is like a huge warehouse sectioned off into 40 different clubs) so we check out a few clubs; and were semi-disappointed, Germans do not know how to celebrate Halloween. Sure they were dressed up but mostly as vamps or they looked like burn victims. Not sexy in the least. Def, missed my undergrad Halloween experiences.

So skip to the end of an uneventful night and we decide to head back to Mia's house--which is like an 1hr 18mins from Munich; but were we actually live in Vilseck is 2hrs away.

Again, I'm driving. Tired but a trouper to the end. Mia lays her chair down to sleep. So I'm driving at about 85mph on the autobahn on cruise control in mens shower shoes;

I know stupid me.


One Of Us

If God had a name what would it be?
And would you call it to his face?
If you were faced with him
In all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?

*And yeah, yeah, God is great
Yeah, yeah, God is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

If God had a face what would it look like?
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that
you would have to believe
in things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints
and all the prophets

Trying to make his way home
Back up to heaven all alone
Nobody calling on the phone
'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome

Just trying to make his way home
Like a holy rolling stone
Back up to heaven all alone
Just trying to make his way home
Nobody calling on the phone
'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome


Paranormal Blacktivity

To see more pics check out my FLIKR account

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/87pages/
  • Born2Roam

    To see more pics, check out my FLICKR account!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/87pages/
  • You Must Be Deaf!: Mercy-Duffy

    "I love you

    but i gotta stay true
    my morals got me on my knees
    im begging please stop playing games
    i dont know what this is
    cus you got me good
    just like you knew you would

    i dont know what you do
    but you do it well
    me under your spell
    You got me begging you for mercy
    why wont you relase me
    you got me begging you for mercy
    why wont you release me
    I said release me"


    Official Countdown to Espana

    37 Days until I began my solo adventure to SPAIN..

    Uber excited.

    My flight was 16 Euro.. but all the things I purchased pushed it to 71.50euro... I'm planning to buy a EuroRail--Spain specific; and I haven't yet decided on hostels.. I've made a rough itinerary and when I get the details squared away I'll let ya'll know!


    Utility 3: Teal & Coral


    The computer I desire

    HP Pavilion dv4-1435dx Refurbished Notebook PC
    - Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1GHz, 4GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, DVDRW,
    14.1" WXGA, Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    Price: $549.99


    Sephora's Having a SALE!

    Hey Friends!

    I've always heard of Sephora but I haven't had the "pleasure" of buying from them. But I was looking through the clearance/sale items and was very impressed. I'ma visit a Sephora in Germany and compare their face makeup with MACs.

    Here are some items I'd probably buy:

    Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Mini Refillable Buffing Brush (Original Price $26), $22

    Bare Escentuals Retro Lounge Eye Kit (Original Price $24), $13.50

    Stila Paint Your Pout Red - The Talking Palette ($60 Value) (Original Price $45), $15


    Part 2 Recap "Scotty Doesn't Know" Road Trip

    So we finally got to Prague. Honestly it was very pretty but I wasn't like in awe. Perhaps because I've never been interested in the Czech Republic. Either way I did enjoy the sites. We took a tour of Prague and it sucked. I blame it on the tour guide; he was extremely low in volume and somewhat monotone. Like I have no idea what I saw and it we left in the middle of the tour.

    Click the video to see the sites:

    I met some cool Scottish folk who were in Prague for a football (European) game. They lost but they seemed to take it in stride. Which is good since supposedly there were about 8,000 Scots. I was overly impressed with their manliness, kilts, and their oh so charming.

    Click the video to see the Parade of Kilts:


    Recap: Scotty Doesn't Know Road Trip

    Interesting title; right? Well that is the official name of my cross country road trip. The song comes from the film EuroTrip; and while we didn't have the insane incidents of the film. It was quite fun.

    Watch a clip of us rocking out to "Scotty Doesn't Know"

    Anyways Let's Recap in sections


    Four of us ventured out of Germany and headed to Prague. The drive was about 2 1/2 hours and it went rather smooth. No one got stopped by the border control or the polezi. However we did get stopped by a man requesting euro for gas.

    Watch a clip of the incident:


    Must See

    The title say's it for itself... whenever you see this title; be prepared for an awesome movie or tv show that is coming out or totally downplayed!

    Everything I'm Not Made Me Everything I Am

    For Fall Break and in approx 6 mins we head out on our Cross Country Tour of Europe;


    Prague, Czech Republic
    -- The Green Fairy aka Absinthe
    --- Prague Nightlife
    ---- Prague Hostel


    Vienna, Austria
    -- Imperial palaces of the Hofburg and Schönbrunn
    --- Vienna Nightlife
    ---- Vienna Hostel

    Tour a bit more Vienna; Sightsee as we Venture home
    Head back home (Germany)

    Palm Beach-- Nuremberg, Germany
    --- Indoor Beach; Swimming Pool


    Recap: Oktoberfest 2010

    Hey friends!

    Okie dokie, OKTOBERFEST.. I was really pumped for the beauty of it all. I literally had beer dreams but like all things in life; my dream wasn't reality. It was a snarky day and I wasn't overly impressed with my company. The event in itself was fine; I got loads of footage. IDK why things aren't as great as the first time around. Slightly disappointed but determined to create an Oktoberfest more of my liking and not as dramatical. :)

    Click the Links to see my experience--sans drama lol


    Oh, A Traveling I will Go!

    So, while my Alma Mater is enjoying the "delights" (heavy sarcasm meaning I think he flippin sucks) of Kid Cudi at this years Homecoming (The 2nd one I haven't attended since Graduation; due to being overseas AND my 5 year commitment of not going back on that campus if I can help it... which might just get cut down to Homecomings; due to resurgence of Grad School Applications.. yuck..)

    Anyhoo.... The ITINERARY for the WEEKEND!!

    SATURDAY Oct 2
    Oktoberfest -- Munich -- Bier --- 2nd Time attending the Fest

    So, I'm making future purchases for a

    ---Net Book

    Wish me Luck!!



    You Must Be Deaf!: Angel Taylor

    "And this christmas what I really, really, really, really, really want Is a call from you to say Angel I seem to think of you everyday and ever since I've gone away I just have to say. That You've blown my mindin 2 hours time And I'm so weak and unable to. Picture, you with someone other than me But I guess I have to Cause you haven't asked me out."


    Creative Imaginings: Ahoy, there Maties!

    Reading & Writing are so cathartic for me, that I can't help but pressure peers and strangers to try their hand at it. So of course I love to spotlight individuals and classic literature in my Creative Imaginings segments; but I wanted to shortly focus on MY skills!
    So your girl is slowly but surely becoming a published writer
    Who knew? Well I'm sure my bff Zuri Hall who is currently the FACE of MYIndyTV & co-conspirator/writer would boast that she knew before I knew me. And yes that was a blatant shout out. :)

    But I've been writing semi-professionally since I was 11, for the local youth magazine in Toledo, OH; CurioCity & Kidzone; sadly if you google the publication it doesn't pop out. Probably due to the lack of relevance of the Internet in the 90s.

    I (& Zuri hall) took a creative writing class at Owens Community College’s High School Writers Workshop Program (in 2004 or 2005) and got our poetry published in the program’s annual literary magazine, “Belles Lettres”.

    I also have a lot of unpublished work; for instance I've wrote my first screenplay in 2009, entitled "Nine" --and no it isn't a musical. I also have loads of written poetry that haven't made it to the blog; speaking of the blog.. be sure to check out my poetry blog

    So while I'm not a newbie to the print media; I'm a newbie to the rapid publishing due to the world wide web. Specifically my newly published articles in the online magazine, A Word For My Sistas.

    I'm loving every minute and currently I'm working on creating my bio! But until than, Ciao!


    You Must Be Deaf: B.O.B.

    "Well, since I was planted at birth
    I abandoned my own planet and I landed on earth"
    --"The Kids", B.O.B. ft Janae Monae

    I love this verse! Matterfact I'm secretly in love with Bobby Simons. His flow, his image aka he's frikkin HOT, and the freshness he brings to music. My type of guy!

    Be sure to check out the Virtual Concert!
    Fri Sept 24, 7p-12aET
    Sat Sept 25, 12p-12aET
    Repeats On The Hour!!

    Oh and check out the "Teach Me How To Dougie Remix

    And look how SEXY B.O.B. AKA BOBBY RAY is!


    Utility 5: Charlotte Russe

    Youtuber of the Week

    Besides my own Channel:

    I'm a subscriber to lots of YOUTUBE CHANNELS! So every week I'm going to highlight a favorite videos.. Some are hilariously funny and others informative!

    This Guy is hecka funny!


    Sex it Up!

    I'm an avid realist but whenever I think about working out I'm thrown into a dreamy state. I want that Beyonce body but I'm too lazy to put in the actual work. Running on a treadmills, bicycling to no-mans land, and lifting weights can easily stagnate your life and body. So how can you get that body you've always wanted?

    Sex it up. Literally. I find that having a sexy workout uplifts my mood, eases boredom, and is a definite confidence booster. But more importantly with a sexier workout you'll burn more calories due to short burst of energy when changing up the routine and did I mention it was sexy???

    1. Belly dancing is my favorite way to tone my body and improve my posture. With a moderate to fast pace, women can loose weight, gain muscle definition, and improve their coordination. This relaxing low-impact sensually stimulating workout will exercise you from head to toe.

    2. Salsa isn't just a dip, it's a great way to build up your stamina and burn those calories. Whether your heading out for a night with the girls, planning a seduction, or dancing in the mirror learning to Salsa is a great way to exercise. Salsa is a perfect way to reduce stress, gets your heart pumping, and you'll be sure to gain a new social network with this titillating dance.

    3. Poles aren't just for fire-fighters and strippers anymore. This new age workout is causing headlines around the world with Pole Championships/Miss Pole competitions in Moscow, USA, Australia, and Jamaica. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and flexibilities are toning their gluttes, legs, arms, and abs through pole fitness. If grasping a pole isn't your forte than try the similar genre of Exotic dancing to create that hour-glass figure.

    So what do you wear for your sexy workout? A bit of this and a bit of that. Whatever makes you comfortable and what makes you feel sexy. So if its a pair of leggings, dress, or boy shorts throw them on with a sensible pair of shoes. For salsa and pole fitness make sure your heels are under 6'. For belly dancing barefoot is best.

    To find local classes in your city or nearby ask around or just google it. If you're short on cash, can't make the time to for lessons, or just a teeny bit embarrassed? Well utilize your library, Blockbuster/Family Video, check out the community calendar in your local paper, or the easily accessibly Youtube and workout in your home.


    Creative Imaginings:Safe In Your Arms- Tierra Allen

    "Who says your EX can’t be your NEXT? ...When Tyran and Julian decide to go “all or nothing,” they learn it’s not what you say and do that break a bond, but what you don’t say and don’t do that etch cracks in the hearts of the ones you love. With their pasts behind them, Tyran’s ready to move forward with her God-send, until incident after incident reveals their safety net has major holes in it. Determined to be a beacon of light and a consistent support to her man, Tyran may need a lighthouse and rescue team of her own, when it’s all said and done... Do the two have what it takes to steer their love in the right direction or will they sail apart?"

    I know that brief synopsis has you panting for more, so let's meet up-and-coming talented author Tierra Allen who penned the contemporary romance novel, “Safe in His Arms.” Taken directly from her self-titled website, "Tierra Allen unapologetically brings creativity back to the literary arena. She paints vivid pictures with words that leave readers hanging on at every page. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK, she’s a proud graduate of The University of Oklahoma where she earned her B.A. in Sociology. Safe in His Arms is the first novel by the talented authoress, who currently resides in Houston, TX."


    His Color and You: Why Black Women Are Single

    Although we are constantly at odds with the global community, there is one huge thing that is agreed on. Interracial dating/marriage is taboo among cultures that are traditional, homogeneous, and hold stereotypical view. Those who purposefully seek interracial relationships are doing so to lash out at their parents, join the middle/upper class, sexual deviants, and are mentally ill aka self image issues/self-hate.

    How harsh and medieval are those ideas? Just google Dr. Laura Schlessinger or think about the initial reaction most people (yourself included) have when seeing a mixed-raced couple --stereotypically a black man and white woman. Exactly.


    You Must Be Deaf!: Gypsy-Shakira

    "I can't hide what I've done
    Scars remind me of just how far that I've come
    To whom it may concern
    Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt

    'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
    I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
    I don't make agreements just like a gypsy
    And I won't back down ‘cause life's already bit me
    And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
    'Cause I'm a gypsy"

    Travel Vlog; 87Adventures; Introduction


    Autumn Essentials

    Personally, I love the summer-autumn transitions, its my own secret muse and a prediction of how the fall/winter season will transpire. If I don't feel inspired before Labor Day than I become despondent and begin a countdown till the New Year.

    Fortunately, the 2010 transitional phase has me doing kicks (Rockette's specifically) for joy because the fashion, music, and creative imaginings have me going ga-ga.


    When I'm stuck in a clothing rut I browse through the websites of Vogue, Teen Vogue, H&M, ASOS, and Lulu's; and finally I Google "Street Fashion"-- and after I finishing weeping over the various insanely priced items, I'm steadily wiping away the drool, as I gawk over basic components that can make or break your outfit.

    1. The Brown Belt

    I'm so over those ridiculously wide belts we were conned into buying in bulk and using as a corset or as a boob pusher. I'm totally in love with the reemergence of BROWN belts (BB) and the wonders it does for a shirt, skirt, jeans, or dress.

    You Must Be Deaf!; Santa Ye

    1. "Wake Up Mister West." Hate him or Love him, His Ye-ness is coming back full throttle, releasing two hit songs this summer "Power & Power Remix." Through the social media website Twitter, we learn that West has turned into a Santa Claus of sorts, West tweeted: "I know ya'll need the music so I'm dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas. It may be my song [or] it may be a new Jay song etc..." Fans are amped for what West has declared "Good Fridays. Ya'll know every Friday ya'll gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now." Besides releasing singles, West is scheduled to perform at the MTV VMAs on Sept 12. You may remember last year VMAs where West interrupted a certain singer and created a most infamous expression, i.e. "I'ma let you finish BUT" ... so we can only wonder what Santa Ye has up his sleeve this year.

    You Must Be Deaf: Corinne Bailey Rae; The Sea

    The most slept on album of the year is "The Sea" by English beauty Corrine Bailey Rae. This album represents lyrical, vocal, and emotional facets of Rae that most artists can't provoke despite being in the music industry. Admittedly, a portion of the songs were written after the death of her late husband, but that only adds to the genius of this recording. The heart aches as she croons "Are You Here" and next you're nodding your head in agreement as she talks about relationships in her lead single "I'd Do It All Again."

    Rae is known for her remarkable upbeat/emo-tinged songs, and she doesn't disappoint in the second single "Paris Nights/New York Moments" and a girl can only sigh and wistfully reminiscence about her own memorable nights. This eleven tracked album just screams to be re-played at every junction and function. The haunting dream-like ambiance that Rae invokes leaves the listener with a feeling of Je Ne Sais Quoi. You can't aptly describe what you felt or heard. But intuitively you know, you felt/heard something breathtaking.



    Got 99 Problems but being Drunk ain't one!

    That's right folks. I've been stopped!

    I drive on the formidable German autobahn, the narrow country roads, the unseemly cobblestone streets, and where RIGHT is before LEFT.

    It is a scary experience driving at night in Germany. On the country roads there aren't any lights. Just road reflectors and maybe a sign saying there's a sharp turn. I drive with my high beams on, just to see beyond the car, and I typically refuse to go the max speed limit. The roads in Germany are just to windy and unpredictable. But on the autobahn, well I'm a Speed Demon.

    Luckily, in the times I've had my USA & German license.
    Yikes I look a Fright!

    I've never been stopped, had a ticket, got caught by the cameras, been in accident, etc, etc, etc. Not to say that I'm an awesome driver. I'm not. I'm great when I don't have another adult nervously nitpicking how I'm dangerously close to driving between 2 lanes or how I'm to close to the sidewalk, and maybe that person on the right. lol I kid. But seriously, when someone is nitpicking me and overly anxious. I just can't do it. I'm on all pins & needles. And my driving takes a turn for the worse.

    But let's get to my being stopped. So, I'm the D.D. and were coming from a German club and we enter a town --speed limit is reduced immensely-- and I look in my mirror and see STOP.

    It's the M-F-N polezi. German Police.


    You Must Be Deaf!: My All- Mariah Carey

    "I am thinking of you
    In my sleepless solitude tonight
    If it's wrong to love you
    Then my heart just won't let me be right
    'Cause I've drowned in you
    And I won't pull through
    Without you by my side

    I'd give my all to have
    Just one more night with you
    I'd risk my life to feel
    Your body next to mine
    'Cause I can't go on
    Living in the memory of our song
    I'd give my all for your love tonight"


    Man vs Uniform

    What is it about a man in Uniform that makes women go weak in the knees?

    There's nothing I love more than a confident man. Nine times out of ten, I'm more attracted to the man with his chin up, unwavering gaze, and delicious smile. Add a uniform into the equation, and it might be a done deal. Attitude reflects leadership and no woman wants to be with a man who can't hold his own.

    Seeing a man in his specialized uniform (suit, military, police, etc) the assumption can be made that here is a man who won't back down at the first sign of opposition and will have no issue handling his AND your business. But is that confidence or a well-trained and secure mask? Are women letting themselves be deceived by the rigorous and defensive training that mold these men into the ideal soldier or savvy professional?


    You Must Be Deaf: iADORE Barbra Streisand

    "I'm gonna live and live now,
    Get what i want--i know how,
    One roll for the whole shebang,
    One throw, that bell will go clang,
    Eye on the target--and wham--
    One shot, one gun shot, and bam--

    Hey, mister arnstein, here i am!
    I'll march my band out,
    I will beat my drum,
    And if i'm fanned out,
    Your turn at bat, sir,
    At least i didn't fake it.

    Hat, sir, i guess i didn't make it.
    Get ready for me, love,
    'cause i'm a "comer,"
    I simply gotta march,
    My heart's a drummer.
    Nobody, no, nobody
    Is gonna rain on my parade!"


    Cosmetic Essentials, Wishlist, Ideal Style

    ~*~Eyeshadows that are a must on my vanity are; Black, Purples, Browns, Teals, Gold, Silver Green, Blues ~*~

    When I buy makeup I go for basic necessity versus being a product junkie. Its not my thing, I only need the essentials to complete my everyday look and to dramatize it for when I party. A key thing I learned is to buy in bulk or in this case pairs. Oh and your eyes are not deceiving you. Before I apply my eyeshadow I dab contact solution on my eyelid. It works wonders and my eyeshadow lasts throughout the day.

    What tricks do you use?

    **********WISH LIST**********

    I made a recent vow to myself.. STOP BUYING BLACK SHOES (every Lady should adhere to that statement as well!). My best friends can attest to the fact that my wardrobe consists of only specific shades of neutral and dark colours.

    Black, Grey, Brown, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy... I only recently started wearing white --had something to with preparing myself for my wedding (no Groom has been picked YET!)

    Basically, I quiver at wearing pinks, reds, yellows, oranges --anything bright(excluding clothing displaying my Alma Mater).

    So to add a balance to my signature wardrobe I love to accessorize my clothing with bright colors or statement pieces. But I can only rotate the same pieces/jewelry/purses/scarves so often without boring myself. So, my shoes will have to carry the burden of lightening my surroundings. Insert appropriate Pun.

    ********IDEAL STYLE**********

    I saw this picture in another blog; I of course love the hair. But more importantly I love her outfit. Outfit Courtsey of Banana Republic.


    You Must Be Deaf!; Shark In The Water

    "Sometimes I get my head in a dilly
    Feeling so lost, ticking you off
    Now boy, you know me well
    Said, I’m that kinda feelling
    That kind of soft, that kind of silly
    But when I’m in doubt, I open my mouth
    And words come out, words come out like
    baby, there’s a shark in the water

    There’s something underneath my bed
    Oh, please believe I said
    baby, there’s a shark in the water
    I caught them barking at the moon

    Better be soon
    High in the sky, the song that I’m singing
    A sweet little lie, I cry wolf, cry
    Rabbit out the hat, so that’s why I’m bringing
    Some tricks up my sleeve, for noticing me"



    I'll be doing a feature; once, twice, OR even THRICE a week on an musical Talent that is BLOWING me out the waters! Like they must be frikkin amazing and I def wanna share it with ya!!

    The artist or group might be established, undiscovered, overlooked, or whatever. Lemme just say, that You Must Be Deaf; if you haven't heard them by now!




    The 2010 Jane Austen Festival is from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th September.


    I will frikkin skip Oktoberfest to attend these events. Money savings BEGIN NOW!!!!!!!

    I need to save atleast 230£ to attend all the events I like, and than I need to figure out the plane ticket to get there, hostel/hotel expenses, meal expense, and of course souvieners...

    ..sigh.. I really love Jane... I might have to cut back on certain events...

    Events I want to buy tickets for are below; and the ones I really want to go too are **:

    --A very private public breakfast**
    Sept 18; 9am
    Sept 19; 10am
    Sept 25; 10am

    --Grand Regency Promenade;
    Sept 18
    7.50£ or 6£(Student)

    European Get-a-WAY pt 1.

    European Cities/Countries I need to visit Before June 2011

    1. Versailles
    2. Normandy
    3. Paris
    4. Nice
    5. Lyon

    6. London
    7. Westminster
    8. Bath (Jane Austen Centre)
    9. The 2010 Jane Austen Festival is from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th September.

    10. Chawton, England (Jane Austen's House Museum)

    11. Dublin, Ireland
    12. Edingburgh, Scotland
    13. Wales

    13. Spain
    14. Pourtgal
    15. Bratislava Slovakia
    16. Copenhagen Denmark
    17. Utrecht Holland
    18. Brussels Belgium
    19. Tallinn Estonia
    20. Lviv Ukraine

    21. Rome
    22. Florence
    23. Naples
    24. Tuscany
    25. Genova
    26. Sienna

    27. Prauge
    28. Amesterdam
    29. Austria
    30. Poland
    31. Switzerland
    32. Iceland
    33. Moscow
    34. Budapest

    ***********Germany is purposefully excluded from this list. I do realize I have already been to Paris but there is much I did not get too see.


    Tonight We Dine In Hell

    Yes I know, a third update within two days. The world MUST be coming to an end. Or maybe I've finally been inspired to write??

    Either Way. I have a secret to confess!

    I'm a modern day Vargas girl. Ok not really, but if I had the time, energy, money, and fierce workout sessions I'd be. I love Vargas and I love love Pin Up.

    The women of the 40s & 50s were so nubile! Like I don't think it's slutty in the least. Art work & fashion at its best!

    I more determined than ever to grab some 40s/50s vintage clothing and do my WORST! It'd sure be an interesting sight to see. How many black pin ups do you recall??

    Vargas actually did a couple. Beyonce & Katy Perry are bringing back the idea of the pin up back in a major way! See "Why Don't You Love Me" post.

    Remember last summer I was contemplating a photo shoot -- I never actually went through with the photoshoot. See "Utility 1" & "Utility 2" post.

    But THIS summer/this year I'm going to do it big in the Vargas/Pin Up way. Tighten everything up.. than I'ma toot my booty and pose lol. I can't wait for Halloween.





    You Must Be Deaf!: Why Don't You Love Me- Beyonce (B.B. Homemaker)

    "Why don,t you love me?
    Tell me, baby, why don,t you love me
    When I make me so damn easy to love?

    And why don,t you need me?
    Tell me, baby, why don,t you need me
    When I make me so damn easy to need?

    I got beauty, I got class
    I got style and I got ass
    And you don,t even care to care looka here

    I even put money in the bank account
    Don,t have to ask no one to help me out
    You don,t even notice that"

    "There,s nothing not to love about me
    No, no, there,s nothing not to love about me
    I,m lovely, there,s nothing not to need about me

    No, no, there,s nothing not to need about me
    Maybe you,re just not the one
    Or maybe you,re just plain dumb"

    Wildly Inappropriate

    I'm missing my Party Girl life.

    I need to have some fun and see some sights. I've prematurely fallen into the Housewife routine BUT there's no ring in sight!

    So I'm getting ready to have some Wildly Inappropriate adventures.

    Get Ready.

    Yours Truly


    I feel so petulant, over-eager, and slightly bitchy.

    Oh and for the illerate bastiches...

    1.Peculiarity of constitution; that temperament, or state of constitution, which is peculiar to a person

    1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior
    2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : (peevish)


    Brief thoughts on Abortion

    My response to a blog another friend wrote, in regards to Abortion & Single Parenting:

    Original Note:

    You think like a man. This isn't a bad thing. It's natural.

    And it's also the reason why Roe vs. Wade has been contested since the 70s.

    Call abortion what you will, murder, an excuse, not taking responsibility, etc. It's still a viable, legal, efficient, and healthy (if it's done properly) CHOICE for a woman. Women have been having abortions for a long time, whether throwing themselves down the stairs, letting some wacko with a hanger have at them, or utilizing natures herbs/remedies to procure the result.

    Abortions will continue to happen.

    I ask you this, if a woman has been raped and becomes pregnant because of that, should she be forced to bring her child full term? OR should she abort it?

    As a man, you can't possibly understand the emotional and psychological effects of being pregnant OR thinking that you're pregnant. It's an influx of emotions that can warp even the most rationale woman.

    As for the alleged man that did not want to have a child but might be forced to pay child support. If he really fought for it, the states might deem that he has no personal or financial obligation to the child, and he can go on his merry way.

    Now, it'll be a complete different story if the woman poked a hole in the condom or eradicated the preventive measure. In that case, should the man still be forced to a financial obligation?

    Tyler Perry

    So, my friend wrote another interesting blog about the specimen that is Tyler Perry. I wrote a response to his note.

    The original note can be viewed here:

    My response is as follows:

    The age old expression of "We've Got To Do Better" constantly lurks in my mind, but we have to remember, "That Knowledge Does Not Correlate With Behavior" (credited to an associate at my Alma Mater).

    I'm not a Perry fan and I don't buy his movies, it dumbs down my intellect and I feel like I'm being pulled into a brainwashing mechanism but I ... See more thinks that due to my expecting too much--oddly enough when I watched Superbad I didn't feel this mechanism, but that's because I realize not all white kids act like that.

    That's where the difference lies.

    Someone alluded to it isn't his responsibility and it's not his fault that people support crap.


    Puking My Heart

    To search is to invest in disaster.
    The romantic in me insists there is a story behind the story.
    The pessimist within rings the bell of satisfaction.
    The me within me. Cries.


    Chopped & Screwed

    MY hair is damaged so much from flat ironing it.. it is now permanently straight.. my choices are now
    -keep the burnt hair and let it grow out..
    -cut the hair off and start anew

    The only issue is my concurrent case of alopecia (due to stress) and I just cant allow that to be seen ... so I'm prolly gonna keep my hair a...nd get some micros or kinky twists

    I need to start taking better care of my hair & body: i recently bought some coconut milk, coconut oil, EVOO, peppermint oil, and some ACV (I bought the wrong kind of of ACV, I need to get the unfilitered sort).

    My alopecia patch is slowly growing in but its still worrying me. Im trying not to let anything stress me .. BUT its oh so hard. grrr

    I'ma wear my hair in two-strand twists as a constant protective style until I get micros or my A.patch grows in.

    My hair damaged began when I first got my hair hot combed back in June or July 2009.

    I'm just now noticing that I had lost my original curl pattern back in 2009.

    My current hair looks nothing like that. It looks like Im transitioning from relaxed to natural.

    I've never wore my hair in a "straight" way-cuz I always had locs.. So last year I wanted to experiment and to see how I looked.. your hair is still techincally natural because it reverts back to the original form..

    My hair is currently anti-reversion because I was ignorant and let ppl do whatever to my hair.



    Bad Romance

    I'm okay with sleeping with a broken heart. I put my heart on the line and I was honest about what I wanted. He's like the wind, but I go where ever it blows. Its sacrilegious to declare that I desire commitment.

    Yet I'm realistic to understand that he has a job to do. We weren't fated to be in 2010 but perhaps we'll m...eet in the future. I like him a lot and have shed a lot of tears. Who knows where we'll end or begin.

    Somewhat sappy and unrealistic to the actual happenings. But he deploys tonight too Afghanistan for 12-15 months.

    Its been one heck of turbulent ride.


    Tallyho! All Aboard to Germany! ..again

    May 25- Moved to Germany
    June 7- Got job at the gas station
    June 8- Started said job. Now I'm sponsored by the military to be in Germany
    June 15- Got my German drivers licence
    June 19- Will receive my car to drive in Germany

    ANSWERS to the SILENT questions:

    -I have a place to stay. My friend C, her husband deployed so she opened her home to me.

    ---My homeboy is deploying and he's letting me borrow his card; he's gonna continue paying for insurance, gonna give me money for new breaks, and putting me on registration. Basically he's gonna get a power of attonery. ...

    He didn't wanna put his car in storage and he knew I was gonna need a car. So it works out.

    ---I'd rather work a mininum wage job in Germany, with the opporunity to visit Greece or Spain for a 4 day weekend than being in Ohio with my application/resume on hold.

    ---I put in 100$ for groceries, dont have to pay for anything but gas for my car, my extra things, but I'm not going to be a taker. I help out around the house and watch her kids to give her a break.

    ---And as for my next step. Taking everything day by day. Not stressing and enjoying life. I've been extremely blessed.


    My Personal Birthday Gift: 6/10/87

    It wont make sense to you.

    It only matters to me.

    I believe in love and the sanctity of marriage.

    With this I can only treasure, appreciate, honor, and love my next step.

    My Birthday Gift is to Marry myself.

    I dont trust anyone. I barely trust myself.

    In that case I qualify.

    Only I understand the complexity within and I still aim to win.

    No one measures up and Ive lost My Ruler.

    So with this Ring I Thee Wed Me.


    I frggin love Quotes

    People value complexity over simplicity these days though-Senny

    Newsflash for negroes: You don't have to be lynched or whipped to be controlled if its far more effective for oppressors to control the way you think.-Runako

    Refuse to be offended. - Pa'Trice

    You can't bathe in the " knowledge" if you dont help fill the tub. -Pa'Trice

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" -Eleanor Roosevelt

    *~*Never Make Someone A Priority. When Your Only An Option*~*

    oppose the "if you knew better you'd do better" sayin' with, "KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT CORRELATE WITH BEHAVIOR".-Marcus Simpson

    "I did stuff for the BSU and just did my work and tried not to complain cuz individuals aren't BSU but everyone together is BSU."-Matt Arends

    *Zora Neale Hurston*

    • Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me.

    • Those that don't got it, can't show it. Those that got it, can't hide it.

    • I belong to no race nor time. I am the eternal feminine with its string of beads.

    • I am not tragically colored. There is no great sorrow dammed up in my soul, nor lurking behind my eyes. I do not mind at all.

    • Someone is always at my elbow reminding me that I am the granddaughter of slaves. It fails to register depression with me.

    • I do not weep at the world I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.

    • It's no use of talking unless people understand what you say.

    • Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.

    • Love, I find, is like singing. Everybody can do enough to satisfy themselves, though it may not impress the neighbors as being very much.

    • Not all my skin folk is my kin folk.

    People often try to project their own feelings of inadequacy, and assume that because a person is a little flashy, sure of him/herself, and seems to make it all look easy, that they are stuck-up, or arrogant."- Jondrea

    "There may be some things we may have to moderate, but we should be careful not to become 'too adult.' I believe that it is the epitome of womanhood to be able to easily move between situations, and have the discretion to choose the correct demeanor for each situation. In 'growing up,' I know that I am a loyal friend, a fierce ally, a formidable opponent, and a determined humanitarian, but in all that, I am happiest when I see the glow in a child's eyes when we talk about Nemo, or Manny the Mammoth. We do have to be prepared to deal with 'adult issues' in an 'adult manner,' but in doing so, we cannot kill our inner youth. "-Jondrea

    "me: so i'm thinking of joining the military
    brooklyn: did u tell ur mom?
    me: no she'd prob kill me
    brooklyn: her or iraq.. either way im coming to the funeral"

    I look GOOD today. Ha! I shouldn't even be at work/school today, I should be out somewhere so people can enjoy how good I look!- Melita

    Pictures of Verona Italy FA 09

    To see All my pics from Verona.. go too http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2324859&id=20914771&l=5613f5a79a

    -Outside Romeo's House

    -On Juliet's Balcony

    -Touching Juliet's right breast for good luck in love!

    -Signing me and my FUTURE husband's name. We're gonna be LOVERS always! Soul Mates fo sho!

    -In front of the ARENA

    -Laying in Juliets Tomb