Tonight We Dine In Hell

Yes I know, a third update within two days. The world MUST be coming to an end. Or maybe I've finally been inspired to write??

Either Way. I have a secret to confess!

I'm a modern day Vargas girl. Ok not really, but if I had the time, energy, money, and fierce workout sessions I'd be. I love Vargas and I love love Pin Up.

The women of the 40s & 50s were so nubile! Like I don't think it's slutty in the least. Art work & fashion at its best!

I more determined than ever to grab some 40s/50s vintage clothing and do my WORST! It'd sure be an interesting sight to see. How many black pin ups do you recall??

Vargas actually did a couple. Beyonce & Katy Perry are bringing back the idea of the pin up back in a major way! See "Why Don't You Love Me" post.

Remember last summer I was contemplating a photo shoot -- I never actually went through with the photoshoot. See "Utility 1" & "Utility 2" post.

But THIS summer/this year I'm going to do it big in the Vargas/Pin Up way. Tighten everything up.. than I'ma toot my booty and pose lol. I can't wait for Halloween.




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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Vargas... i think the photo shoot's a cool idea. cant wait for u to blog the pics!

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