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Procastination = Facebook Quizzes

So I always balk at these quizzes because they are underwhelming and consume a lot of time. However I gave in for the night. Although I will delete them off my facebook. I like my privacy duh... But I wanted to post them here in remembrance. :D

ps... why can't these people spell on these quizzes?? What ever happened to spell check! gee whiz

--What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?

****1940s: You are the ultimate romantic at heart. You put a high priority on true love, patriotism, and dedication to honor and duty. Whether it be serving your country or serving your family, you have a very hard work-ethic balanced out by your whimsical, dreamy heart.

You are willing to take risks, go where no one has gone before, and you have a sense of pride in everything you do. Just as you are in touch with your inner beauty, you also give just the right amount of focus on your outer beauty-- standing out with the latest fashions and getting in touch with your sensual side.

Your sexiness is not scandalous but rather classy and poised. You are the envy of those around you because no matter how much tough work you have to do, you keep a smile and look good while doing it.****


Booty Booty Rockin Everywhere!


So I've been on this workout plan. Tryna detox my self. Get back in shape and tone up. It's been working for the most part. I still need to work on the tummy but I no longer have a food belly and I can actually do 10 minutes of cardio without passing out. I also bought a bike from Walmart:

I've been slacking off lately but tomorrow I'm going too work out even more.

However my bff brought something to my attention this weekend.

I've lost my booty. In her opinion I never had much of a booty - mind you she's a twig with an onion booty, and she rarely works out- she has this belief that working out doesn't make you loose your booty.



Just last year, I was in Hawaii celebrating my 21st!
At BGSU in my final semester of undergrad celebrating my 22nd.
Weird stuff going on with my family.
Fighting these feelings of loneliness and despair.
Where are the ones who love me for better or worse??
Wed June 10 1987 at 4:30pm I was born.
Happy Birthday to me.