3 Thanksgivings

Hey Friends

While I don't celebrate the commercial aspects of Thanksgiving, nor do I turn a blind eye to the historic happenings of the "holiday"... I do want to say what I am thankful for.

Traveling. That's the basis for this blog. To document my adventures, post memorable videos, and unforgettable pictures. I officialy became a Gypsy in the year 2009.

So let's recap:

Nov 24, 2009: I spent Thanksgiving touring Italy, with fellow intern/friend Linda. There we visted an acquaitance in Milan (who let us crash on her floor), the next day we met up with Linda's cousin in Venice, where we spent the night at a hotel located near The Grand Canal. The next day we day-tripped to Verona, to follow the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet. It was there that I laid my hand upon Juliet's breast and wished for Luck in Love.

Linda, M, Me in Milan

A, Linda, Me in Venice on a gondola on the Canal

In Verona, Wishing for Luck In Love

Nov 24, 2010: I spent Thanksgiving touring Barcelona, by myself. After missing my first plane, I was lucky enough to have left-over monies to buy a plane ticket, same day to BCN. There I experienced the wonders and beauty of the Famed city. I drank with natives, socialized with other Hostel guests, and wandered the streets by my lonesome. I didn't get a chance to dance the flamenco, but I did see the famous works of Güell, Gaudí, and Picasso. Now I can say with an educated statement. I am not a fan of Picasso. As I left the city of BCN, I again wished feverently that true love and not lust would find me.

in front of the La Sagrada Família in Barcelona

Other travelers

Wandering the streets alone
Nov 24, 2011: I spent Thanksgiving in Jihaeng, South Korea; amongst co-workers, friends, and acquatiances. I got to dress up like a panda, see my friend Justin (who was visiting from Germany/Afghanistan loosen up), play Kings Cup (Ring of Fire), and have a really chill time! It was a wonderful time but I was missing someone special. MY newlywedded husband. Unfortunately, the love of my life had to work, and so it wasn't until later that night, that we spent time together. Unfortunately, we spent the majority of the time with yelling (i.e. me) and stoiac silences (i.e. husband). Our fight lasted about 1.5 hours, afterwards we made up. :)

Panda Ritual in S. Korea

Kings Cup/Ring of Fire
My co-worker V

The end of the Night. I had left already. But looks fun!
The Hubby and I. We're thankful for each other.

 Thanks Juliet! lol :)