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  • Home Again to Buy a Fat pig

    Ok so maybe not to buy a fat pig. But I did touchdown in the states Dec 19 and its been a great reunion. Been trying to visit my friends before they depart for the holidays and of course there's family time. Tho to be honest this is my first day sleeping at home since Ive gotten back.

    But it is quite comfortable and safe knowing Ill always have a home to come back too. Secretly Germany has the strict potential to become another home. So we'll see.

    Oh while I was on twittter.... coughhintcough www.twitter.com/87PageS coughhintcough I was complimented on my blog but that it was tooo long.

    So instead of being a chatty cathy Ima chop up my blogs in Act I ; Act II and so on. So for the weary reader you can enjoy my craziness easier.



    GUEST Blogger: Fun Shady Times in Nuremburg, Germany: Act I

    Hey folks!

    So yea it's been like five gazillion years since I told you I would blog. But I'm lazy.

    Yes. I'm lazy. It's not like I've been super busy or jet setting around the world. But I have been busy and I've been chilling.

    Germany is fun. I've met a lot of people in my 4 months here. And I actually have a worthy blog to tickle your fancy!

    My guest blogger is my friend Corky who is also an intern. He wrote a fantastic piece about an adventure we had a month or so ago!

    Have Fun Reading!

    Last night....was WILD! So it's Sunday and Christine (another intern) and I decided we would go to the Ehenfeld kirwa festival with this girl that lives in Ehenfeld. We had made plans and everything with her. Christine and I hit the gym, and afterwards we get ready. We can't get a hold of the girl who is supposed to go to the festival with us. We were both kind of bummed, but then Star (another intern that lives with Christine) decided we should just all go to Nuremberg on a day trip.

    So we hop on our bikes and ride to the train station....keep in mind it's already getting cold as the night is approaching (it's about 5pm this time), and the train station is about 2 miles away from where we live. We buy our passes and hop on the train to Nuremberg which is about an hour away from Vilsek. We get there and decide we want German beer and food.

    We exit the train station and we're hella confused, so we decided to go back into the station to ask some locals where to go. We ended up in the train station hookah bar drinking Becks and smoking hookah (by the way...hookah here is only 5 euro- so much cheaper than the over priced shit in the states).

    It was the best hookah I'd ever had, but they didn't serve food. We asked the waitress what was a good place to eat and drink beer. It was a Sunday so we were pretty limited in our options. The waitress's English wasn't great, but it was good enough to understand where she was directing us (so we thought).

    GUEST Blogger: Fun Shady Times in Nuremburg, Germany: Act II

    We're kind of bummed, but we're also buzzing and in Nuremburg having a good time. We decide to go back to the hookah bar to have a couple more beers while we wait on our train. We then meet 5 guys from Tunisia who invite us to come sit with them and smoke their hookah.

    Only ones of them spoke barely decent English, but it was freaking good time. We laughed and had beers, and they invited us back to their place to smoke. Christine and Star had work, so we declined. They then invited us to their friends going away party on Tuesday (he's going to Thailand), and one of the guys owned a disco in Nuremburg and invited us out on Saturday. So we exchange numbers and by then it's time to catch our train.

    We get to our train dock, but we wanted to double check if we were at the right spot. It ended up we were right and the lady totally fucked us. Our train did leave at 10:30, and the next train wouldn't come until 4:30 in the morning. We're freaking out trying to call people to come get us, and we find no one.