GUEST Blogger: Fun Shady Times in Nuremburg, Germany: Act II

We're kind of bummed, but we're also buzzing and in Nuremburg having a good time. We decide to go back to the hookah bar to have a couple more beers while we wait on our train. We then meet 5 guys from Tunisia who invite us to come sit with them and smoke their hookah.

Only ones of them spoke barely decent English, but it was freaking good time. We laughed and had beers, and they invited us back to their place to smoke. Christine and Star had work, so we declined. They then invited us to their friends going away party on Tuesday (he's going to Thailand), and one of the guys owned a disco in Nuremburg and invited us out on Saturday. So we exchange numbers and by then it's time to catch our train.

We get to our train dock, but we wanted to double check if we were at the right spot. It ended up we were right and the lady totally fucked us. Our train did leave at 10:30, and the next train wouldn't come until 4:30 in the morning. We're freaking out trying to call people to come get us, and we find no one.

We go the Burger King --Burger King is henceforth known as the BK Lounge between us--, which is the only thing open. We sit for hours in delirium. I fell asleep and this German lady that works at the BK Lounge came by and yelled at me. So we couldn't sleep, but we could stay there. The BK Lounge closed at 3, so at 2:30 Christine and I decide to get something to eat because we didn't know if we'd get any breakfast.

In the line we're acting crazy because we're tipsy and super sleepy. This Romanian guy named Franz was in front of us. He turns around and goes "What the hell are you doing," and I said "Just being me," and I commenced to being wild with him.

I invited him to come sit with us to eat. He did. Star looked at him all askance and than decided to humor him with questions. For instance, Franz had an anarchy tattoo on his hand, and we talked about that for a little while. He left Romania because of the communism. He didn't really know where he was going, but he had to get the hell out of there.

After we heard his life story... he started rapping out of no where and of course I dropped a beat for him. Christine and I sang/danced him the Camp Party song in return. Star closed her eyes and looked away.

Before the BK Lounge closed. He invited me to have some beers with him before our train came. It's now 3:30 in the morning. I said "Of course." We downed six huge German beers (the ones with corks on the bottles), and we just shoot the shit for a while. It was nuts!

Finally we say goodbye to Franz and We get on our train, and when we get back to Vilseck it's so foggy we can barely see in front of us...and it's FREEZING BALLS!

We ride our bikes back to our house, and I made it to bed by 6:30. Unfortunately for Star & Christine they both had to work at 8am & 830am.

Franz, Corky, Christine

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