Hair, Hair, Hair pt 1

Ok, so if you may not know. I am natural. Have been natural since I was 4. Ive been loc'd up since I was 16. Than I made the transition to Sisterlocks till I was 20. Now I'm rocking the afro and wearing protective styles. My hair traditionally (in locs) grows past my shoulder/mid back. With Sisterlocks I didn't have them in long enough and I would keep my hair cropped to my chin. One time I did let my SL's grow near my shoulder before I cut them.

Now as a natural natural lady. I'm trying to get my hair back down my back. So far I've had no luck. I don't take good care of my hair, I usually have no interest or time in trying to figure out the best combs to buy or what ingredients are harmful to my hair and scalp. College Student here!

However, since I've become a blogger, I've been addicted to the natural hair blogs, I delve into the information and I decided to take a proactive approach to getting my long hair back.

I will be detailing my journey, extensively because I'm addicted to details. IDK what type of hair texture I have.. it's somewhat all over the place, I do know that its fine, can be brittle/dry, and I suck at moisturizing it, but I try not to manipulate it all the time.

So starting tomorrow I will be trying or making a deep conditioner out of

Banana's, Honey, Virgin Olive Oil, Skim Milk, and Water... hopefully this goes well. I won't use the mix until this weekend. I need to buy some conditioner.. I'm leaning towards Garnier because I like the way it feels on my hair. But I'm leaning towards buying some natural conditioners if the Garnier has negative ingredients.

Like I said earlier, I've been stalking natural hair blogs and two in particular that I view ALL the time are Mane & Chic and Black Girl With Long Hair. So for future reference for me and others that may decide to view my blog. Ima put some interesting links on here for reference.

So my ultimate goal for Spring/Summer.. get my hair in a good place where it is lush, healthy, moisturized, and getting some length.. before I go to Germany!


Turn My Swag Up

Ok so I'm not the type to be all cliche and jump on the latest hits. But I'm really feeling the current garbage that's out now. lol. But for real I like the stuff Soulja Boy and Hurricane Chris is coming out with. It's Ratchet. lol

Drake is at the top of my list for all music currently. Not to mention he seems like the IDB... Ideal Black Man.... but his music is fire for sure!

Ok lemme go watch Desperate Housewives

Sitting Poolside in my Pearls

So talk about the element of surprise. My sister turned 18 and she had a party. Not just any party but one at the rec center and when I say party I mean she invited her friends and they are going to utilize all the rec center has to offer.

Confused yet?

I definitely was when I showed up in my pearls and my Kira Plastinina tank top (side note super sad her US stores are closed!). Party I was told. Party it was not. Luckily I had the foresight to bring my pajamas with me just in case I decided to spend the night. So now my Navy sweat pants, my pearls, and my K.P. tank top, are on babysitting duty at the pool.

To top it off my mother is being overbearing at the "party," my sister keeps making snide comments. One that began with "Why don't you go home and get a swim suit oh that's right you don't have a license"... Such a rude little bastich my sister is. Sad thing is she doesn't have a license either.


Life is a Musical

So I'm always changing up my life. One of my big life changes happen in 3 weeks. Graduation. Technically I graduate Aug 8th because I have summer school. But real talk my mental state is that I'm done in May.

I'm just ready for it to be over. I'm ready to move on and shake up my life. I'm not even nervous or scared. So much bull shit has happened in my last semester in school. I'm just through.

I went on a shopping spree this past weekend and it felt so damn good. This post is going nowhere as far depth-ness. I just felt like writing. Tomorrow is class and this week is going awfully slow. I'm readdddddy for it to be ovvvvvvr!

I want to design my own blog skin, something that is a reflection of me. My current blog skin is pretty and it will currently do.


Let's Talk God: Part 1

I'm watching the Preacher's Wife and I'm believing its a testament to what I'm going through. "God will never put more on you than you can bear." Love will come in due time and so will the sorority. Peace and Happiness is just around the corner. Now hopefully, I can start becoming stress free and my eyelid will stop twitching.

My two friends gave me too different points of view on how to view the above statement.

Joe: Sh..it happens to everyone. It rains on everyone.. "Christianity" isn't exempt. Now if you're talking major situations.. you (in general) should make a general assessment and ask yourself if it's self-inflicting. If it is, learn the lesson behind it and stop doing the same sh...it that's getting you (in general) in those situations. If it's not, then you (in general) should do your best to change the environment..thus eliminating the situation.

Let's Talk God: Part 3

That makes sense and you said what I said.. but much better. I can get with that, but (for me) your argument still doesn't coincide to the famous quote christians say. You might see it differently, but the vast majority sees it literally.

To me, God "allowing" and God "putting" are two totally different things. I totally agree that God allows us to go through the things especially when we are exercising free will. i.e, the 40 years in the wilderness, but it wasn't God that put them in the desert to wander for 40 years. It was their hardheadedness, murmuring, complaining, and idol worship.

I believe it's hard for God to work in our lives when we shut him out or act outside of his will. However, when God has an end result for our lives, it's reasonable to expect hurdles and potholes along the way because the enemy naturally doesn't want you to succeed. That's when God's provision protects us as long as he is the source. Proverbs 3:5-6.

Let's Talk God: Part 2

Joe: By saying that God is responsible for some of the mess people go through doesn't make God a good God in my opinion. It's more like "God is good, but he's pretty passive aggressive..but don't worry, the mess he sends your way won't kill you." It's like we're totally ignoring that there is a devil somewhere in the equation and his whole agenda is to kill steal and destroy. I think we get through the situations because of God, but I doubt we are in the situations because of God.

Now.. if God has specifically said something to us and we choose to ignore then it's our own fault when we go through mess. When you're outside of the will of God then you're a bigger target and more than just that area that you're choosing to ignore gets "cursed"..but like I said, you're always going to get shots taken at you via Demons and whatnot.