Ready. Set. Go!

I've been having the strangest obsession and I think I will cry if I can't make it come true. I need to shop. Even its just for a blazer, belt, boots, winter coat, statement necklace, winter boots, wigs, scarves, fabric for turbans.. umm are you all getting this?? Cuz I've been dreaming this! I've been salivating because of this.. not really but you get the point.

So why haven't I blogged in ages? Shoot why haven't I updated my Youtube account?? Only because I'm NOT feeling the creative juices. But now I'm feeling something and its all about Fashion.. maybe its cuz I'm finally getting out of a social, friendless, jobless rut... IDC .. all I know is that I want to be surrounded by the Fashion world.

I've been all over Tumblr (not posting of course) but following anything dealing with artistic expression. I love Tumblr! It's just such a great way to express yourself.

So tomorrow morning, I'm forsaking the Gym to go Thrifting. ok maybe I will visit the gym for an hour and than go Thrifting.. I'm in search of a blazer.. more than likely it'll be a men's blazer and I'll try to jazz it up. I can't sew so it will be interesting..

ttyl. kk.

ps. I was contemplative but now I'm for sure! Attending this Korean Heritage Fashion Show, because my gut instinct tells me I'll regret it if I don't! It's free and on a Sunday so, why the heck not?! only question is.. what will I wear!!! I hope I can get on the YAHAE VIP list, cuz I'm breaking out the stilettos!



You Must Be Deaf: Classic Music.. the Original Queen B

As you all know I love me some BARBARA! She is AWESOME. Her Voice is AMAZEEEING!

Happy First Day of Fall! :)