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So on Monday I'll officially been in Germany for a week. And what a week it has been!

First the plane ride. I was sad saying goodbye to my fam and it kicked in I might not see them for an entire year! For Camp Adventure we have a particular uniform and we're required to wear it on the trip, they said we'd see lots of people with uniform on. As I waited for the departure. I saw no one. Than a girl came up behind me and was like "Are you in Camp Adventure?" Talk about excitement time! So me and the girl flew from our original destination --to Frankfurt--to Nuremberg. --hence the earlier video post Travel Vlog: 87Adventures; HALLO/Guten Tag

So when we got to Frankfurt we saw more CA people. w00t. Finally got to Nuremberg and got picked up. We drove about 45 minutes to Vilseck and Got moved into our town house. I'll post a video of that later (been having technical difficulties lol)

We had orientation Tuesday & Wednesday-- we also toured the towns of Vilseck and Grafenwoehr. It's really pretty. We live in a rural area. I definitely wish I brought my OFF tho lol

---- I'll finish this later. I need to go eat I had a VERY tiresome day!


Travel Vlog: 87Adventures; HALLO/Guten Tag

Guten Tag! Were pulling off! Ima miss everyone! I found aNother Intern and now Im not lonley! Im scared, sad, excited, etc. Pray that I get there safely! Love you!



So here it is. Im currently at graduation writing this --the speaker is boring! Anyways Im ready to get the show on the road. This feels unreal but Im suppper excited to be an Alumni. No more studying or school work till I go for my Masters and PH.D! I cant wait to begin the rest of my day! Ooh yay the speaker is done and now its time "For the Reccomendation of Degrees." omg my heart just fluttered!