I'll be doing a feature; once, twice, OR even THRICE a week on an musical Talent that is BLOWING me out the waters! Like they must be frikkin amazing and I def wanna share it with ya!!

The artist or group might be established, undiscovered, overlooked, or whatever. Lemme just say, that You Must Be Deaf; if you haven't heard them by now!




The 2010 Jane Austen Festival is from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th September.


I will frikkin skip Oktoberfest to attend these events. Money savings BEGIN NOW!!!!!!!

I need to save atleast 230£ to attend all the events I like, and than I need to figure out the plane ticket to get there, hostel/hotel expenses, meal expense, and of course souvieners...

..sigh.. I really love Jane... I might have to cut back on certain events...

Events I want to buy tickets for are below; and the ones I really want to go too are **:

--A very private public breakfast**
Sept 18; 9am
Sept 19; 10am
Sept 25; 10am

--Grand Regency Promenade;
Sept 18
7.50£ or 6£(Student)

European Get-a-WAY pt 1.

European Cities/Countries I need to visit Before June 2011

1. Versailles
2. Normandy
3. Paris
4. Nice
5. Lyon

6. London
7. Westminster
8. Bath (Jane Austen Centre)
9. The 2010 Jane Austen Festival is from Friday 17th to Saturday 25th September.

10. Chawton, England (Jane Austen's House Museum)

11. Dublin, Ireland
12. Edingburgh, Scotland
13. Wales

13. Spain
14. Pourtgal
15. Bratislava Slovakia
16. Copenhagen Denmark
17. Utrecht Holland
18. Brussels Belgium
19. Tallinn Estonia
20. Lviv Ukraine

21. Rome
22. Florence
23. Naples
24. Tuscany
25. Genova
26. Sienna

27. Prauge
28. Amesterdam
29. Austria
30. Poland
31. Switzerland
32. Iceland
33. Moscow
34. Budapest

***********Germany is purposefully excluded from this list. I do realize I have already been to Paris but there is much I did not get too see.


Tonight We Dine In Hell

Yes I know, a third update within two days. The world MUST be coming to an end. Or maybe I've finally been inspired to write??

Either Way. I have a secret to confess!

I'm a modern day Vargas girl. Ok not really, but if I had the time, energy, money, and fierce workout sessions I'd be. I love Vargas and I love love Pin Up.

The women of the 40s & 50s were so nubile! Like I don't think it's slutty in the least. Art work & fashion at its best!

I more determined than ever to grab some 40s/50s vintage clothing and do my WORST! It'd sure be an interesting sight to see. How many black pin ups do you recall??

Vargas actually did a couple. Beyonce & Katy Perry are bringing back the idea of the pin up back in a major way! See "Why Don't You Love Me" post.

Remember last summer I was contemplating a photo shoot -- I never actually went through with the photoshoot. See "Utility 1" & "Utility 2" post.

But THIS summer/this year I'm going to do it big in the Vargas/Pin Up way. Tighten everything up.. than I'ma toot my booty and pose lol. I can't wait for Halloween.





You Must Be Deaf!: Why Don't You Love Me- Beyonce (B.B. Homemaker)

"Why don,t you love me?
Tell me, baby, why don,t you love me
When I make me so damn easy to love?

And why don,t you need me?
Tell me, baby, why don,t you need me
When I make me so damn easy to need?

I got beauty, I got class
I got style and I got ass
And you don,t even care to care looka here

I even put money in the bank account
Don,t have to ask no one to help me out
You don,t even notice that"

"There,s nothing not to love about me
No, no, there,s nothing not to love about me
I,m lovely, there,s nothing not to need about me

No, no, there,s nothing not to need about me
Maybe you,re just not the one
Or maybe you,re just plain dumb"

Wildly Inappropriate

I'm missing my Party Girl life.

I need to have some fun and see some sights. I've prematurely fallen into the Housewife routine BUT there's no ring in sight!

So I'm getting ready to have some Wildly Inappropriate adventures.

Get Ready.

Yours Truly


I feel so petulant, over-eager, and slightly bitchy.

Oh and for the illerate bastiches...

1.Peculiarity of constitution; that temperament, or state of constitution, which is peculiar to a person

1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior
2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : (peevish)


Brief thoughts on Abortion

My response to a blog another friend wrote, in regards to Abortion & Single Parenting:

Original Note:

You think like a man. This isn't a bad thing. It's natural.

And it's also the reason why Roe vs. Wade has been contested since the 70s.

Call abortion what you will, murder, an excuse, not taking responsibility, etc. It's still a viable, legal, efficient, and healthy (if it's done properly) CHOICE for a woman. Women have been having abortions for a long time, whether throwing themselves down the stairs, letting some wacko with a hanger have at them, or utilizing natures herbs/remedies to procure the result.

Abortions will continue to happen.

I ask you this, if a woman has been raped and becomes pregnant because of that, should she be forced to bring her child full term? OR should she abort it?

As a man, you can't possibly understand the emotional and psychological effects of being pregnant OR thinking that you're pregnant. It's an influx of emotions that can warp even the most rationale woman.

As for the alleged man that did not want to have a child but might be forced to pay child support. If he really fought for it, the states might deem that he has no personal or financial obligation to the child, and he can go on his merry way.

Now, it'll be a complete different story if the woman poked a hole in the condom or eradicated the preventive measure. In that case, should the man still be forced to a financial obligation?

Tyler Perry

So, my friend wrote another interesting blog about the specimen that is Tyler Perry. I wrote a response to his note.

The original note can be viewed here:

My response is as follows:

The age old expression of "We've Got To Do Better" constantly lurks in my mind, but we have to remember, "That Knowledge Does Not Correlate With Behavior" (credited to an associate at my Alma Mater).

I'm not a Perry fan and I don't buy his movies, it dumbs down my intellect and I feel like I'm being pulled into a brainwashing mechanism but I ... See more thinks that due to my expecting too much--oddly enough when I watched Superbad I didn't feel this mechanism, but that's because I realize not all white kids act like that.

That's where the difference lies.

Someone alluded to it isn't his responsibility and it's not his fault that people support crap.


Puking My Heart

To search is to invest in disaster.
The romantic in me insists there is a story behind the story.
The pessimist within rings the bell of satisfaction.
The me within me. Cries.


Chopped & Screwed

MY hair is damaged so much from flat ironing it.. it is now permanently straight.. my choices are now
-keep the burnt hair and let it grow out..
-cut the hair off and start anew

The only issue is my concurrent case of alopecia (due to stress) and I just cant allow that to be seen ... so I'm prolly gonna keep my hair a...nd get some micros or kinky twists

I need to start taking better care of my hair & body: i recently bought some coconut milk, coconut oil, EVOO, peppermint oil, and some ACV (I bought the wrong kind of of ACV, I need to get the unfilitered sort).

My alopecia patch is slowly growing in but its still worrying me. Im trying not to let anything stress me .. BUT its oh so hard. grrr

I'ma wear my hair in two-strand twists as a constant protective style until I get micros or my A.patch grows in.

My hair damaged began when I first got my hair hot combed back in June or July 2009.

I'm just now noticing that I had lost my original curl pattern back in 2009.

My current hair looks nothing like that. It looks like Im transitioning from relaxed to natural.

I've never wore my hair in a "straight" way-cuz I always had locs.. So last year I wanted to experiment and to see how I looked.. your hair is still techincally natural because it reverts back to the original form..

My hair is currently anti-reversion because I was ignorant and let ppl do whatever to my hair.