You Must Be Deaf!: Gypsy-Shakira

"I can't hide what I've done
Scars remind me of just how far that I've come
To whom it may concern
Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt

'Cause I'm a gypsy are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me
I don't make agreements just like a gypsy
And I won't back down ‘cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm a gypsy"

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Autumn Essentials

Personally, I love the summer-autumn transitions, its my own secret muse and a prediction of how the fall/winter season will transpire. If I don't feel inspired before Labor Day than I become despondent and begin a countdown till the New Year.

Fortunately, the 2010 transitional phase has me doing kicks (Rockette's specifically) for joy because the fashion, music, and creative imaginings have me going ga-ga.


When I'm stuck in a clothing rut I browse through the websites of Vogue, Teen Vogue, H&M, ASOS, and Lulu's; and finally I Google "Street Fashion"-- and after I finishing weeping over the various insanely priced items, I'm steadily wiping away the drool, as I gawk over basic components that can make or break your outfit.

1. The Brown Belt

I'm so over those ridiculously wide belts we were conned into buying in bulk and using as a corset or as a boob pusher. I'm totally in love with the reemergence of BROWN belts (BB) and the wonders it does for a shirt, skirt, jeans, or dress.

You Must Be Deaf!; Santa Ye

1. "Wake Up Mister West." Hate him or Love him, His Ye-ness is coming back full throttle, releasing two hit songs this summer "Power & Power Remix." Through the social media website Twitter, we learn that West has turned into a Santa Claus of sorts, West tweeted: "I know ya'll need the music so I'm dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas. It may be my song [or] it may be a new Jay song etc..." Fans are amped for what West has declared "Good Fridays. Ya'll know every Friday ya'll gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now." Besides releasing singles, West is scheduled to perform at the MTV VMAs on Sept 12. You may remember last year VMAs where West interrupted a certain singer and created a most infamous expression, i.e. "I'ma let you finish BUT" ... so we can only wonder what Santa Ye has up his sleeve this year.

You Must Be Deaf: Corinne Bailey Rae; The Sea

The most slept on album of the year is "The Sea" by English beauty Corrine Bailey Rae. This album represents lyrical, vocal, and emotional facets of Rae that most artists can't provoke despite being in the music industry. Admittedly, a portion of the songs were written after the death of her late husband, but that only adds to the genius of this recording. The heart aches as she croons "Are You Here" and next you're nodding your head in agreement as she talks about relationships in her lead single "I'd Do It All Again."

Rae is known for her remarkable upbeat/emo-tinged songs, and she doesn't disappoint in the second single "Paris Nights/New York Moments" and a girl can only sigh and wistfully reminiscence about her own memorable nights. This eleven tracked album just screams to be re-played at every junction and function. The haunting dream-like ambiance that Rae invokes leaves the listener with a feeling of Je Ne Sais Quoi. You can't aptly describe what you felt or heard. But intuitively you know, you felt/heard something breathtaking.



Got 99 Problems but being Drunk ain't one!

That's right folks. I've been stopped!

I drive on the formidable German autobahn, the narrow country roads, the unseemly cobblestone streets, and where RIGHT is before LEFT.

It is a scary experience driving at night in Germany. On the country roads there aren't any lights. Just road reflectors and maybe a sign saying there's a sharp turn. I drive with my high beams on, just to see beyond the car, and I typically refuse to go the max speed limit. The roads in Germany are just to windy and unpredictable. But on the autobahn, well I'm a Speed Demon.

Luckily, in the times I've had my USA & German license.
Yikes I look a Fright!

I've never been stopped, had a ticket, got caught by the cameras, been in accident, etc, etc, etc. Not to say that I'm an awesome driver. I'm not. I'm great when I don't have another adult nervously nitpicking how I'm dangerously close to driving between 2 lanes or how I'm to close to the sidewalk, and maybe that person on the right. lol I kid. But seriously, when someone is nitpicking me and overly anxious. I just can't do it. I'm on all pins & needles. And my driving takes a turn for the worse.

But let's get to my being stopped. So, I'm the D.D. and were coming from a German club and we enter a town --speed limit is reduced immensely-- and I look in my mirror and see STOP.

It's the M-F-N polezi. German Police.


You Must Be Deaf!: My All- Mariah Carey

"I am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
'Cause I've drowned in you
And I won't pull through
Without you by my side

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight"


Man vs Uniform

What is it about a man in Uniform that makes women go weak in the knees?

There's nothing I love more than a confident man. Nine times out of ten, I'm more attracted to the man with his chin up, unwavering gaze, and delicious smile. Add a uniform into the equation, and it might be a done deal. Attitude reflects leadership and no woman wants to be with a man who can't hold his own.

Seeing a man in his specialized uniform (suit, military, police, etc) the assumption can be made that here is a man who won't back down at the first sign of opposition and will have no issue handling his AND your business. But is that confidence or a well-trained and secure mask? Are women letting themselves be deceived by the rigorous and defensive training that mold these men into the ideal soldier or savvy professional?


You Must Be Deaf: iADORE Barbra Streisand

"I'm gonna live and live now,
Get what i want--i know how,
One roll for the whole shebang,
One throw, that bell will go clang,
Eye on the target--and wham--
One shot, one gun shot, and bam--

Hey, mister arnstein, here i am!
I'll march my band out,
I will beat my drum,
And if i'm fanned out,
Your turn at bat, sir,
At least i didn't fake it.

Hat, sir, i guess i didn't make it.
Get ready for me, love,
'cause i'm a "comer,"
I simply gotta march,
My heart's a drummer.
Nobody, no, nobody
Is gonna rain on my parade!"


Cosmetic Essentials, Wishlist, Ideal Style

~*~Eyeshadows that are a must on my vanity are; Black, Purples, Browns, Teals, Gold, Silver Green, Blues ~*~

When I buy makeup I go for basic necessity versus being a product junkie. Its not my thing, I only need the essentials to complete my everyday look and to dramatize it for when I party. A key thing I learned is to buy in bulk or in this case pairs. Oh and your eyes are not deceiving you. Before I apply my eyeshadow I dab contact solution on my eyelid. It works wonders and my eyeshadow lasts throughout the day.

What tricks do you use?

**********WISH LIST**********

I made a recent vow to myself.. STOP BUYING BLACK SHOES (every Lady should adhere to that statement as well!). My best friends can attest to the fact that my wardrobe consists of only specific shades of neutral and dark colours.

Black, Grey, Brown, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy... I only recently started wearing white --had something to with preparing myself for my wedding (no Groom has been picked YET!)

Basically, I quiver at wearing pinks, reds, yellows, oranges --anything bright(excluding clothing displaying my Alma Mater).

So to add a balance to my signature wardrobe I love to accessorize my clothing with bright colors or statement pieces. But I can only rotate the same pieces/jewelry/purses/scarves so often without boring myself. So, my shoes will have to carry the burden of lightening my surroundings. Insert appropriate Pun.

********IDEAL STYLE**********

I saw this picture in another blog; I of course love the hair. But more importantly I love her outfit. Outfit Courtsey of Banana Republic.


You Must Be Deaf!; Shark In The Water

"Sometimes I get my head in a dilly
Feeling so lost, ticking you off
Now boy, you know me well
Said, I’m that kinda feelling
That kind of soft, that kind of silly
But when I’m in doubt, I open my mouth
And words come out, words come out like
baby, there’s a shark in the water

There’s something underneath my bed
Oh, please believe I said
baby, there’s a shark in the water
I caught them barking at the moon

Better be soon
High in the sky, the song that I’m singing
A sweet little lie, I cry wolf, cry
Rabbit out the hat, so that’s why I’m bringing
Some tricks up my sleeve, for noticing me"