You Must Be Deaf: Corinne Bailey Rae; The Sea

The most slept on album of the year is "The Sea" by English beauty Corrine Bailey Rae. This album represents lyrical, vocal, and emotional facets of Rae that most artists can't provoke despite being in the music industry. Admittedly, a portion of the songs were written after the death of her late husband, but that only adds to the genius of this recording. The heart aches as she croons "Are You Here" and next you're nodding your head in agreement as she talks about relationships in her lead single "I'd Do It All Again."

Rae is known for her remarkable upbeat/emo-tinged songs, and she doesn't disappoint in the second single "Paris Nights/New York Moments" and a girl can only sigh and wistfully reminiscence about her own memorable nights. This eleven tracked album just screams to be re-played at every junction and function. The haunting dream-like ambiance that Rae invokes leaves the listener with a feeling of Je Ne Sais Quoi. You can't aptly describe what you felt or heard. But intuitively you know, you felt/heard something breathtaking.

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