Man vs Uniform

What is it about a man in Uniform that makes women go weak in the knees?

There's nothing I love more than a confident man. Nine times out of ten, I'm more attracted to the man with his chin up, unwavering gaze, and delicious smile. Add a uniform into the equation, and it might be a done deal. Attitude reflects leadership and no woman wants to be with a man who can't hold his own.

Seeing a man in his specialized uniform (suit, military, police, etc) the assumption can be made that here is a man who won't back down at the first sign of opposition and will have no issue handling his AND your business. But is that confidence or a well-trained and secure mask? Are women letting themselves be deceived by the rigorous and defensive training that mold these men into the ideal soldier or savvy professional?

Before I begin this next point, I want to say having an authoritative man is NOT and I repeat NOT a bad thing. As long as he doesn't impinge on your basic human rights I don't see the issue. There's something deliciously exciting hearing your man command/demand/assert his dominion his household. Now I'm not talking S&M scenes or your man peeing on your leg to show you're his property but the primal feeling and security of knowing this man is not to be messed with. Now I might be a little cuckoo to delight in this attribute of the military uniform. But it is so darn sexy!

Are women tragically attracted to the man in uniform because he allegedly lives to Serve & Protect? Or is it that having your own personal hero is the ideal destiny for the average woman due to films like Sleeping Beauty or Deliver Us From Eva. The idea of a noble hero is constantly bombarded into our heads; and women leap at the imagery casually displayed before them. It's not horrible to believe that our future Edward Cullen is lounging outside our bedroom window, in fact I relish the idea; but c'mon now are we really gonna believe that every man that puts on a uniform was a former boys scout???

Uniform = J.O.B., so is the specialized uniform the reason we become all doe-eyed? You'd have to live under a rock not to know about the benefits provided for the Uniform and their dependents. Here is a man who has a job, guaranteed salary/benefits, and everyone supports what the Uniform stands for. This is financial stability, mandated goals, stability at its best. Now the new question is, are women really that calculating? I'd like to say no but there are songs/images/films dedicated to gold diggers for a reason.

I would haphazardly guess that all women have raised an eyebrow or two at a man in uniform but do we subconsciously discriminate against certain uniforms; for example the garbage man or the mailman which are decidedly less romantic to dream about, but couldn't we find our happily ever with them? Remember ladies, in the real world everyone eventually becomes a civilian and that uniform becomes more of an accessory than necessity.

I'm not sure what every woman thinks or dreams of when they see a man in uniform. What I do know, is that clothes don't make the man (cliché I know) so we should choose our men based on more than their clothing.

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Bradford J. Howard said...

At first glance, I thought this post was about just men in uniform, so I was like... it may not be "hetero" to comment lmao.

Having re-read the post, I think you raised some very interesting questions. It DOES seem like society force-feeds women this idea of having a knight in shining armor, and that may translate to a subconscious desire to have a man that is capable of "saving" them (in one way or another, but mainly in the form of stability).

Women need to get to a point where they recognize the uniform, while it may look good on a man, doesn't necessarily translate into the real-life fantasy: even soldiers, when they come home, are ordinary men and are capable of falling into ordinary pitfalls like laziness, alcoholism, etc. Men, as well, need to respect the integrity that comes with bearing a uniform of any kind. It perturbs me to hear about "professional" Black men who constantly find themselves in legal trouble and they're supposed to be people who serve this country in the armed forces, or work in law enforcement, or even wear a sports uniform.

But hey, I'm going to keep rocking my two-piece suit because I look damn good in it. There's something about looking polished that definitely makes me feel unconquerable.