You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.

Here is the analysis : ...

웃 : You love the crowd... a party animal!

웃 : You hide your emotions... Sometimes pretending to be ...always happy.

웃 : You search for love...

웃 : You appreciate simple things in life...

웃 : You’re independent!


You Must Be Deaf!: Born This Way -Lady Gaga

Totally, can't wait for this song!

From Sangria to a Stick of Gum

Hey Friends,

So where did I leave off?? Sight-Seeing correct?? Ok, so after I saw the majority of the sites of Barcelona and I knocked off a few more museums I finally went back to the hostel and go dolled up and made plans to eat some traditional Catalan food, drink sangria, and meet up with some people from Couch Surfing. What happened was me being all dolled up and staying on the internet for about 2 hours. I know such a jerk move. But I did meet up with the CSer's (along with 2 girls I met at the hostel; Sheba (who is from Paris) & Virginia (who is from Brazil but lives in Paris). We caught the metro, found the bar, and it's like we stepped into paradise.

For every woman, there was like 10 guys. No lie. Majority of them were deliciously hot. I now know what it feels like to be a man. My neck aches from whipping it around. The guys we met complained of the huge numbers and I told them that in the US the ration is vastly different -- 30 US women to 1 US man. That actually explains why women aren't married. But, yea so we had a few beers and lots of good convo and I was ashamed.


I'm in Love with BCN

Hey Friends,

When I visit a city I always try to figure out if I could live there or not; most of the cities I've visited don't make the cut except for Berlin, possibly Munich, and Verona. I will have to add Barcelona to my list. Everything is pretty much simple to understand in regards to navigation --tho I did get confused several times, but I utilized my map and got around. But yea I think I love her...

So, what happened today?? Ok let's start with last night, I met this amazing French girl who has the most awesomest name EVER ...Sheba like the Queen of Sheba --- which coincidentally is another name for Ethiopia ... and I thought I was cultured. Anyhoo, we decided to hit the clubs with the hostel and meet up at 1:30am. By than I had two beers on an empty stomach and was feeling quite BUzzzEd. I went and got a wack version of a doner and I fell asleep. Luckily I had the foresight to get dressed beforehand.

Youtuber of the Week


You Must Be Deaf!: Kate Nash

Molestations & Museums

Hey Luvvies!

So, here's the official update on my Friday adventures of BCN.

--Woke up around 830am and decided I wanted to tour via a go-car.
What the hell was I thinking?? So, apparently driving this "car" is like a motorcycle or a scooter. Let me insert, if I were driving a scooter or motorcycle all would end up badly due to my horrible coordination.  However, I went the optimistic route of "it can't be that hard." So, after the initial scare of having to deposit 300Euro just in case I crashed

Let's break it down.
--If I crashed the car I'd have to pay 300Euro plus my own insurance
-- There was a huge possibility of me being stopped by the cops cuz I don't have an international license .. hello I have the face that gets stopped. I'm too cute so I must be doing something wrong...
 Anyhoo the 300Euro never went down due to me not having a 1,000,000$ credit limit, so the company settled for my passport and 100Euro.


Hanging around Geneva Airport

Hello Luvvies

Right now I'm sitting in the Geneva airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona.

Quick facts:

-- missed my 6am flight
-- really pissed off that I was forced to miss my 6am flight
-- actually left the house on time .. dont understand how I missed it
-- I'm not down with it snowing in November ... jerks
-- I bought another plane ticket because I refuse to miss my long waited holiday
-- Thank Goodness for CREDIT CARDS
-- I felt like a G swiping that card to pay for my new trip
-- I feel like such a bum for being pumped about that
-- Bored as all get out!
-- Still haven't found the love of my life
-- Most likely because I've been glued to this internet since I've arrived in Geneva


Youtuber of The Week

If you are an avid youtuber subcriber or you love to upload vlogs; be sure to send me your information so I can spotlight you!  :)


You Must Be Deaf: Electro/House

Saw this on a fellow blogger's page-- SHOUTOUT to Amanda aka LouderThanThat; I really love this song. Since I've been in Germany I'm becoming a fan of Electro/House music. It isn't hard to dance too-- just dance how you feel. It's so fun and a great break from the Hip Hop sections of the clubs:

Check Out Drake's Version of a Little Bit:


5 Days until BCN Madness

Hey Friends

So it's officaly 5 days until I leave for Spain, most specifically BARCELONA! I'll be there Thurs Nov 24-Sun Nov 28  I'm still tryna figure out a title for my trip.........

I'm thinking:
  • Barcelona Locura
  • 87PageS Barcelona
  • I'm not V or C Just ME: Barci Style
  • Vicky Cristina & 87PageS
  • Barna & I
Clearly I'm not being creative enough; so currently I'll leave it untitled till I experience the city...

I'm uber excited and scared to travel solo via RyanAir...

Utility 6: Heels & Sweaters via Forever 21


You Must Be Deaf!: Exclusive Travis Porter Interview

So November 10 I had the opportunity to see hip-hop trio; Travis Porter perform at a local club in Nabburg, Germany. Let's just say believe the hype; this group has so much energy, enthusiasm, and did I mention energy. There wasn't a dull moment during their mini-concert and the fans (American Soldiers, Dependents, Spouses, Civilians and the German Nationals) were giving back the love ten-fold!

The fellas were totally geeked to have their latest song Make It Rain hit the Top 50 in the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts –which is doubly awesome considering they are an independent label. The young men that make up Travis Porter have known each other since elementary school and they all reside in Georgia.
Travis Porter Stats:

Alright, so let’s dive into this INTERVIEW!

87PageS: Ok I must admit I was very confused at your concert—I kept saying which one is Travis Porter. Clearly you must get that question a lot, so now the ultimate question is; are ya’ll sadistic or was this a part of the game plan/ and how did ya’ll come up with the name?

Quez: (Laughs) No but It was intentionally made to be a conversation piece. So when people saw three people on stage they would wanna YouTube or Google the group.

87PageS: Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way; why did you all pick Germany and how long have you been here?

Quez: Actually, we didn’t pick Germany. They picked us. We go where the people want. We’ve been here since 11/4 and we leave 11/14.


Free Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Free Gemini Monthly Horoscope

You Must Be Deaf!: Little Dragon

Fellow blogger TDF http://khalfani-rice.blogspot.com/ put me onto this group. Usually I'm not into electronic music but He has an excellent ear when it comes to making beats and music in general. So I was willing to take a listen;

TDF is actually apart of the group the Great Lakes Crew--recently spotlighted in my blog http://87pages.blogspot.com/2010/10/you-must-be-deaf-great-lakes-crew.html

Little Dragon hails from Sweden and consist of 4 Swedes; your attention will be most likely be centered on front woman Yukimi Nagano ; Her vocals are so crisp. She reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae/Erykah Bady but in a more hardcore way. Either way I'm officially a fan and I'm putting this on my To-Do List for albums to buy!

I couldn't really decide what video to play so I def urge ya'll to check out http://www.myspace.com/yourlittledragon to hear more songs!


Angels Surround Me

Hey Friends,

I haven't actually written a personal blog piece in awhile so let me update you on the past week. As everyone knows I'm always super geeked for Halloween -- I love to dress up. I had all these awesome costume ideas

1. Cat Woman
2. Lady Gaga
3. Little Monster (Lady Gaga fan)
4. Cats the Musical
5. Sexy Astronaut

Unfortunately I wound up being a bizarre looking fairy with a pair of angel wings and a tiara. I looked a mess but my makeup was on point.

So on Oct 30 my friend Mia (she was a pirate) and I decided to hit up Munich for the festivities. I drove [her car] and we hit Kultfabrik (which is like a huge warehouse sectioned off into 40 different clubs) so we check out a few clubs; and were semi-disappointed, Germans do not know how to celebrate Halloween. Sure they were dressed up but mostly as vamps or they looked like burn victims. Not sexy in the least. Def, missed my undergrad Halloween experiences.

So skip to the end of an uneventful night and we decide to head back to Mia's house--which is like an 1hr 18mins from Munich; but were we actually live in Vilseck is 2hrs away.

Again, I'm driving. Tired but a trouper to the end. Mia lays her chair down to sleep. So I'm driving at about 85mph on the autobahn on cruise control in mens shower shoes;

I know stupid me.