My name is Star and I am a Chip-a-holic

The struggle is real. It's hard. Many can attest that it is SO easy to snack, chow down, have one last bite... and many more will testify how hard it is too loose those snacks, bites, second helpings. I'm not sure how it happened. It was an lethal assualt and I am fighting the scars. Since the middle of June I have gained about 15 pounds. The same 15 pounds that I was able to easily snip away in Korea.

The Korean weightloss clinics how I miss them so. If I were to walk into a clothing store, Adjuma would bustle me out because indeed I would be "too big" because they only have "small size." I find it interesting that I instantly compare myself to other women, exulting that "at least I'm not as big as her" or "why can't my thighs get smaller. Whilst in Korea, I was quick to revile the Americans in-tuned with food. Now I only revile myself and the bad habits I have eagerly leaped towards.

I wish it was only McDonalds or Burger King, but I haven't even tasted a chicken nugget since being in America, and only last week did I taste a BK chicken wrap. No my demon is my lack of activity. Eating healthy was a chore in my younger days. Now, I'll drink a kale/strawberry/apple smoothie and forgo the Krispy Kreme donuts that have been haunting my footstep since I left Korea. (note, I only had the delicious donut once while in Korea... it's a plague on my sensibilities... its soooo good).

The first day of Autumn (my fave season) is only a few days away. I'm determined not to succumb to the pressures of being an American food-whore ... no matter how tasty it is. I am also pledging to be active... a 90 day challenge of activeness. Ideally 2 hours of activity per day. In my house, on the street, in the gym, in the pool. I'm going to do it. I refuse to enter the New Year heavier than when I entered it.

No bueno.

Join me in my 90 day challenge. Starting today. September 19, 2012 - December 18, 2012

We will work out 1.5-2 hours. Eating light & healthy.

My food plan for the next 90 days will consist of; a variety of fish, turkey, and chicken (not fried), raw & cooked veggies, raw fruit, fruit/veggie smoothies. Tortilla wraps; but sparingly. I might throw in some crackers every now & then, but they'll mostly be for the hummus.

Wine & beer occasionally -- look don't judge me. I'm dropping chips, the number 1 threat to my thighs. So hush and let me enjoy my Merlot. -_-
I'll be drinking lots of water so there.

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Am I stuck in Asia... or something

oh sheesh. you know how it goes when you have the best intentions.... yeah mine just like disappeared after I came back from Vacation back in May/June.

Once I finish completing my Ethics & Legal Education papers for this week, I will have a new blog for you all. Thanks to everyone who has been consistently checking the blog out. Don't forget I'm very active on Twitter so follow me there!!