Creative Imaginings: Book Challenge 2011

Because, I am a VlogBrothers Fan I was more or less, guided to this website via the phrase “In My Pants.” In the book discussion form- I saw a thread entitled, Read 50 Books in 2011. I laughed when I read that. I think I read about 160 books a year. I can’t help it. I’m a nerd. So get in my pants. Say WAHHHT!

So every week I’ma list the books I’m currently reading, to justify my claim of reading 160 books per annum. Since the year has already begun, I’ll post my latest reads: oh yea feel free to join.


Since January 2011

1. Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey

2. Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey

3. The Science Of Kissing by Sheril Kirshenbaum

4. Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King

5. Bitter in the Mouth by Monique Truong

6. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

7. The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

8. First Family: Abigail and John Adams by Joseph J. Ellis


Aburpt Berlin Trip

I'm at it again, backpacking through Germany with nothing but iPod and Blackjack II for my sanity. For 2011's Presidents Day Weekend I originally planned a trip to Hamburg, but later refunded the idea for a trek through Bavaria. At the last moment, my friend informed me about agreat weekend deal -one way fares from Nuremberg to Berlin, (and vice versa) for a max of 5 ppl- the only catch it takes about 8-10 hours. No biggie, I've done that before in 2009.

We're scheduled to depart in the wee hours of the morn, and my friend wakes me with tiresome news. She's sick. After several attempts to convince her to man-up, I gather my items and Like a true Gypsy I embarked on my trip to Berlin. Having caught the train, which is noticably empty, who sits behind me? 2 German Polizei, and I had a quick flash of myself chained to the gates, and I swiftly sat elsewhere. I was comfortable, Jerks.


Jason Segel --ooh wee

is so hot to me. That's all.

ps. and while I'm not against people checking out my blog; have you seen my site feed? plenty of people are all about my link about the hottie from Greys... http://87pages.blogspot.com/2010/12/jesse-williams-aka-dr-jackson-avery.html

Anyhoo; here's Jason

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