Aburpt Berlin Trip

I'm at it again, backpacking through Germany with nothing but iPod and Blackjack II for my sanity. For 2011's Presidents Day Weekend I originally planned a trip to Hamburg, but later refunded the idea for a trek through Bavaria. At the last moment, my friend informed me about agreat weekend deal -one way fares from Nuremberg to Berlin, (and vice versa) for a max of 5 ppl- the only catch it takes about 8-10 hours. No biggie, I've done that before in 2009.

We're scheduled to depart in the wee hours of the morn, and my friend wakes me with tiresome news. She's sick. After several attempts to convince her to man-up, I gather my items and Like a true Gypsy I embarked on my trip to Berlin. Having caught the train, which is noticably empty, who sits behind me? 2 German Polizei, and I had a quick flash of myself chained to the gates, and I swiftly sat elsewhere. I was comfortable, Jerks.

Of course, for anything to go as planned would mean for me to be a sponsor of good will; the train is late in arriving at my next stop. And of course I missed that train, so I had a 2 hour delay which I spent being enamoured with social networking. I tell you social networking is good for the soul. So when I finally begin my trip again, I fall into a reasonable sound sleep to be awoken by a sharp point in my arm. I glance up and its the German Polizei and I'm positive that they laughed at my disgruntled sleep look, and perhaps the trail of slobber running down my chin.

Seriously, I can't win for loosing. They are doing passport/visas checks and they actually had the nerve to ask where I was going. What happen to free and open borders Germ-Germ? Liars. As they rift through my information and make calls to ascertain the validity of it all, I had a moment of clarity, that more than likely I could be hauled of the train and taken for questioning.

A few seconds later I had a most profound wish to be in Berlin, if I'm ever caught. Than I could go to the embassy or claim sancutuary somewhere. Of course nothing so dramatic happens to me. They just laughed at me again, and looked for another victim. Jerks. So, yea that's what happened to me in the first 6.5 hours of my trip. On the upside I get 50 texts for free per month. On the sad side, it snowed a bit. I hope Berlin doesn't look like this.

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