Berlin Bounders

So we (11 interns) decide for our three day weekend (Labor Day) we’d go to Berlin. Because some interns just got here the past week we didn’t want to reserve hostels or book train tickets without them. So we had no concrete plans. But we were all geeked.

Fast-forward to chaos. Our two designated leaders misread the base shuttle schedule. So we didn’t have a ride to the train station. Luckily there was another train coming in another 2 hours. I would like to say I was content to wait for the next shuttle or take a taxi (which cost about 40 euro).

Next I would like to say I was bamboozled. We walked. Walked from the base to the train station. I repeat we walked. Up hills, down hills, in the brisk wind.

Fashion Alert: I had on a brown cardigan, a white summery top, skinny jeans, and some salmon pink flats. I had my huge brown purse and I was using a duffle bag as a bookbag/backpack (regional differences etc). My flats we’re comfortable BUT comfortable for wandering around town NOT for me to hike to the nearby town.

Vilseck is about 5 minutes driving from base. Walking took us about 1 hr 30 min. Did I mention some interns stopped at the local grocery store and got beer, wine, and alcohol.

Yup. A mess. A complete mess.

So we finally got on a train and it was all gravy. Until we found out there was a soccer/football game and the fans were wildin’. Like they had drums. They were drunk. Did I mention they had drums and were drunk.

Quick fact: It’s completely legal to carry around alcohol/beer on the streets/trains/parks/etc of Germany.

The train we we’re waiting for was delayed 25 minutes because of the hooligans. So we missed our next train.

Quick Note: We still were no closer to Berlin. We left the base at 9am. Got on the train at 11 or 12. It should’ve took us 5 hours. But we took regional trains and the current schedule said we’d get there around 9pm.


Here’s the semi-dramatic part. The drunk and tispy interns left us. Me and 3 other girls (we we’re completely sober). It was super cold all day and we weren’t dressed for the weather. We also didn’t have alcohol running through our blood. So we huddle under a tunnel and we told 2 semi-tispy intern to let us know when the train got there.

Random Fact: The weather makes me perturbed. People either wear hoodies, peacoats, leather jackets, no jackets. IDK how to even dress. I mean being from windy freezing Northeast Ohio does help. But even when it’s 60 degrees it’s like freezing cold! Germany is weird. I have a long list of complaints (not that long) but I’ll talk about that in one of my future youtube videos.

The train got there. We we’re still huddled oblivious to the train being there. The other interns were on the train.

Yuup. You read right.


... Continuation of Access Roster

Ok So where was I?

Orientation. Touring of the Local Towns. Wow it's soo pretty.

But there isn't anything to do here. Um I did observation for SAS--- at an Amusement Park that sucked. I hate amusement parks. Ok it wasn't that bad until they had me get on the spinning saucers. I willed myself to pass out. Didn't work. It also sucked cuz there we're a lot of bees. And it also sucked because I wound up watching the kids.

But apparently there was a great fascination with my name. Apparently part of it means Michael or Michail in German. Sweet.

Skipping ahead.