Berlin Bounders

So we (11 interns) decide for our three day weekend (Labor Day) we’d go to Berlin. Because some interns just got here the past week we didn’t want to reserve hostels or book train tickets without them. So we had no concrete plans. But we were all geeked.

Fast-forward to chaos. Our two designated leaders misread the base shuttle schedule. So we didn’t have a ride to the train station. Luckily there was another train coming in another 2 hours. I would like to say I was content to wait for the next shuttle or take a taxi (which cost about 40 euro).

Next I would like to say I was bamboozled. We walked. Walked from the base to the train station. I repeat we walked. Up hills, down hills, in the brisk wind.

Fashion Alert: I had on a brown cardigan, a white summery top, skinny jeans, and some salmon pink flats. I had my huge brown purse and I was using a duffle bag as a bookbag/backpack (regional differences etc). My flats we’re comfortable BUT comfortable for wandering around town NOT for me to hike to the nearby town.

Vilseck is about 5 minutes driving from base. Walking took us about 1 hr 30 min. Did I mention some interns stopped at the local grocery store and got beer, wine, and alcohol.

Yup. A mess. A complete mess.

So we finally got on a train and it was all gravy. Until we found out there was a soccer/football game and the fans were wildin’. Like they had drums. They were drunk. Did I mention they had drums and were drunk.

Quick fact: It’s completely legal to carry around alcohol/beer on the streets/trains/parks/etc of Germany.

The train we we’re waiting for was delayed 25 minutes because of the hooligans. So we missed our next train.

Quick Note: We still were no closer to Berlin. We left the base at 9am. Got on the train at 11 or 12. It should’ve took us 5 hours. But we took regional trains and the current schedule said we’d get there around 9pm.


Here’s the semi-dramatic part. The drunk and tispy interns left us. Me and 3 other girls (we we’re completely sober). It was super cold all day and we weren’t dressed for the weather. We also didn’t have alcohol running through our blood. So we huddle under a tunnel and we told 2 semi-tispy intern to let us know when the train got there.

Random Fact: The weather makes me perturbed. People either wear hoodies, peacoats, leather jackets, no jackets. IDK how to even dress. I mean being from windy freezing Northeast Ohio does help. But even when it’s 60 degrees it’s like freezing cold! Germany is weird. I have a long list of complaints (not that long) but I’ll talk about that in one of my future youtube videos.

The train got there. We we’re still huddled oblivious to the train being there. The other interns were on the train.

Yuup. You read right.

They were sitting on the train. Luckily one of the girls I was with went to check on the status on the train because she heard no one.

Random Fact: Those drunk/tispy interns were loud as all get out. Like they were obnoxiously loud drunk American students. So when we didn’t hear them on the platform. We knew something was wrong.

Luckily the train happened to be on standby. So we got on the train asked random people were the LOUD Americans were. We finally found them.

Let me tell you. We went off. The amount of eye rolling, cursing, threats of karma, and bodily harm were intense. We demanded our separate tickets (because we had group tickets). There was definitely a lot of tension.

Yea, they thought I was sweet and nice. But I was pissed! And my anger got intensified when not in 5 minutes later the train pulled off. I was in a fighting rage. I have anger issues. Because I wanted to choke a ….

Ok so after that drama.

We had picked up 2 new people—a dude that was helping us find Berlin and a Canadian girl who was going to the same Hostel. So we we’re like 1 ½ hours away from Berlin and our train was coming in like 5 minutes. The Canadian girl and one of the male interns go off to look for booze. I kid you not. The train gets there. The other interns are frantically trying to find them both. Hannah-Montana say what!

Yuup you read right again. These silly mofos we’re willing to miss the train to find 2 intoxicated people BUT they couldn’t tell us about the train. Lemme tell you we went off again. I walked away and said “Karma’s a B.. ain’t it.” I was practically giddy. I grabbed my stuff, grabbed my roommate who was holding the tickets, and headed towards the train. I looked back not once.

Luckily, everyone was all accounted for and we didn’t miss the train. We actually got on the wrong train. It took us to Berlin but we got there in like 30 minutes and not 1 ½ hours. We got on the expensive train. But the ticket holders didn’t mind…. We’re stupid Americans what do they expect.

So we finally got to Amstel Hostel and it looked spiffy to me. We of course got lost trying to find it. We of course got lost trying to find it. It took us like 15 minutes longer than necessary. Mind you we had like 2 drunks with us. Everyone else had pretty much sobered up. So with a drunk trying to redeem himself—two of the girls I was with (Linda & Jasmine) took him to task. (Future youtube video—Americans Abroad).

We finally made it after passing it. Yes I know. And we all took a much needed rest.

Amstel Hostel.

It was quaint. We met a lot of cute I mean new friends. And yes they were cute! :)

We went clubbing that night.

-Us with our friends from Holland!

I mean of course we had too. It was a lot of fun walking around East Berlin at night and seeing the nightlife. Berliner's really know how to dress. Like I thought I was dressed up but when I saw some of their outfits I felt like I had on an outfit for the library. lol.

And we had some interesting adventures walking around East Berlin.

-Yes that is what it looks like. The woman asked Christine and I quote.. "Can I lick her cunt. Although Christine said no. The woman was determined to be near it.

Berlin is amazing. A guy we met in the Hostel took us for a walk (extremely long) of East Berlin.

We ate some authentic German food which wasn't very expensive.

-Fried Eggs, Canadian Bacon, and Toast = my appetizer ... soooo goood

I saw unbelievable things. Like it felt like magic. Not like Disney World. But Historical Magic.

I still can't believe I touched the Berlin Wall

Stood in front of Brandenburg Gate

Walked the streets of Berlin

I could really live there for a few years. I'm getting my fashion up and of course gotta get my Euro up. But I decided I'ma call Berlin home for several years. Hopefully soon.

All in All Berlin was awesome. The trip home wasn't aggravating.

I would like to note--- for the naysayers I do sometimes exaggerate in my blogs.. and by exaggerate I mean -- I might not have walked for hours on end or people might have not been so drunk they weren't helpful. But please remember this is my blog. I write things from my POV-- if you don't like it OR if you disagree feel free to write a rebuttal and I'll post it in my blog.

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