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Ok So where was I?

Orientation. Touring of the Local Towns. Wow it's soo pretty.

But there isn't anything to do here. Um I did observation for SAS--- at an Amusement Park that sucked. I hate amusement parks. Ok it wasn't that bad until they had me get on the spinning saucers. I willed myself to pass out. Didn't work. It also sucked cuz there we're a lot of bees. And it also sucked because I wound up watching the kids.

But apparently there was a great fascination with my name. Apparently part of it means Michael or Michail in German. Sweet.

Skipping ahead.

The base is boring. It's nothing like Hawaii. We live in the family units which is far away from the Gym, Single Soldiers Barracks, and the Dining Hall. So we have to work extra hard at making friends-- haven't done it yet--- most specifically friends with cars.

Random Fact. Majority of cars are stickshift. Ugh.

I was in SAS but I got switched to CDC--- it's all sorts of BS for their reasoning's but truthfully I like being in CDC because I feel like I have a purpose and I'm not just an empty body. I can help with the kids, plan activities, and the staff is nicer. Luckily I didn't make any bonds with the SAS kids tho they were funny. I love my kindergartner's tho. Their bad and adorable! LOL

On to the Next Adventure!

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