Gin & Juice

Happy Spring y'all. Just wanted to update you before I go to bed. But I'm in Sacramento for the weekend. Attending the MANRRS 2013 Conference. I'm over the conference but loooovvvving Cali! 

Never wanted to visit it. Alwasy thought it was overrated, but I lowkey fell in love as we passed over the Rockies & the Grand Canyon. Who Knew!! I don't want to leave, just need the hubby with me.

On a trip w/14 undergrads....omg. so many horomones. I'm old lol ugh. Anyhoo, need to sleep if ima work out in the AM. Yes workout, I'm steadily tryna get my Beyonce on. :) #bowdown

Ps. I'm in Student Affairs not any Ag majors. Kinda feeling like Penny from Big Bang lol...science what's that? O_o