Life As We Know It!

Nope.. not another introspective blog post with years upon decades of details.

This Time I'm keeping it short and sweet!!

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Queen B + Queen B= Birthday Countdown

Ok, woah! Is it already June?? Um yes sir. I've been in South Korea for nearly 90 days with nary an update. Say it ain't so. I'm still a jobless Gypsy trying to find my path in this Kimchi island... due to this My youtube account is suffering, my tweets are lackluster, and my sanity. Let's just say I never had any. So, what's the good news?? Well I only acknowledge TWO Queen B's.. Blair & Beyonce.

If you have no idea who Blair is.. than delete my site from your favorites.. lol well I have to assume I have some devoted followers out there. Gossip Girl, people! Sheesh. Catch up on the Seasons, start from 1, or else you'll never understand my fascination with the Upper East Side.. or really why I was so certain William and I would marry. The Prince, my loves.

Queen Beyonce. We'll duh. It's Beyonce. Don't let the nay sayers confuse you, sure "Girls Run The World" might be a train wreck but hello, killer dance moves & excellent visual effects. The woman is a Genius. The song is catchy and she didn't pull a "pop tart" (meaning Katy Perry, B.Spears, or Ke$ha) move and belabor the point. Actually lemme include my Mother Monster (Gaga) in this group. B didn't care about being #1... or having the #1 single. She just wanted to make a quick splash, before she wowed us with her vocal prowess... she kills it.. over and over again... I've seen her in concert.. um Kelly who??? blah

Ok, so June 10-- FRIDAY.. cue Rebecca Black .. or better It's Kinglsey BITCH! Love him!

My delicious birthday approaches in a few days. I'll be the tantalizing age of 24. yikes. So let's toast to that.

Oh, yea... before there was Blair or Beyonce.. there was the Original Queen B... Barbara Streisand.. duh!

---I dedicate this song to my new relationship... here's to us babe!