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Hey Luvvies!

So, here's the official update on my Friday adventures of BCN.

--Woke up around 830am and decided I wanted to tour via a go-car.
What the hell was I thinking?? So, apparently driving this "car" is like a motorcycle or a scooter. Let me insert, if I were driving a scooter or motorcycle all would end up badly due to my horrible coordination.  However, I went the optimistic route of "it can't be that hard." So, after the initial scare of having to deposit 300Euro just in case I crashed

Let's break it down.
--If I crashed the car I'd have to pay 300Euro plus my own insurance
-- There was a huge possibility of me being stopped by the cops cuz I don't have an international license .. hello I have the face that gets stopped. I'm too cute so I must be doing something wrong...
 Anyhoo the 300Euro never went down due to me not having a 1,000,000$ credit limit, so the company settled for my passport and 100Euro.

So I went on a test drive. No Bueno my friends. No bueno. It was completely ridiculous my efforts in driving that little car. Palpitations times 7000000 ... or whatever equals having an anxiety attack. I told the good people of BCN Go-Car that I would not be going and they were a bit willful. Which was unnecessary since I was quite positive that I would rather walk than drive that car.

So I left. Visited a beautiful museum that turned out to be a bank. Found a tourist office; paid for a full day tour of BCN for Saturday morning and I paid for entry to 7 museums (I only visited 3 but don't worry I have 6 months to make good on my entry... yea I'm sweet like that.)

So, I mosey over to a tiny little cafe and got some food did my little solo traveler dance AKA getting lost/ i.e. walking straight pass my destinations several times.

Finally, I hit the metro and got a day pass; got off on the wrong stop and kept asking for directions. Got the correct info and wasn't able to leave due to a new guest star in the reality of my life;

Enter: Little Old BCN Man

LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla
LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla
LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla
LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla

LOBCNM scoots closer to me
I scoot away.

LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla

I turn my head. I turn around. Guess who.

LOBCNM is looking sad and also is sitting 2 inches away from me.
I look away for help. No one, I repeat no one is nearby.
LOBCNM starts rubbing my back.
I scoot away and stand up.

LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish
Me: No habla

I spot a newcomer, I ask the lady to tell LOBCNM to leave me alone. She looks confused.
He has wandered away. I ask her for better directions and find that I'm in the wrong tunnel. LOBCNM comes over and attempts to assist.
Insert my "c'mon son" look.

The lady walks away. LOBCNM become insistent. I look the the l,ady for her help, she makes the crazy sign and motions for me to walk away.

I walk. I walk. I see something. 3 Seconds away.

LOBCNM: Mumbled Spanish

I speed-walk and bless God for having youth on my side. I loose the LOBCNM and I wander around the Metro convenience store. I come out the store and guess what....... LOBCNM is steadily coming my way.

LOBCNM (yelling): Mumbled Spanish

I jump onto a crowded car of the metro and I'm safe.

TOUCHDOWN! And the crowd goes wild!

After that creepy experience I spend my time in more museums and taking random videos of BCN youth.

Valuable lesson somewhere in here, my friends. lol

Ok time to spend some quality time with the other travelers of my hostel!



TDF said...

WTF! Pretty Funny, glad to hear you safe.

87PageS said...

lol I know right! I need this happen when I'm not by myself! lol

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