You Must Be Deaf!: Exclusive Travis Porter Interview

So November 10 I had the opportunity to see hip-hop trio; Travis Porter perform at a local club in Nabburg, Germany. Let's just say believe the hype; this group has so much energy, enthusiasm, and did I mention energy. There wasn't a dull moment during their mini-concert and the fans (American Soldiers, Dependents, Spouses, Civilians and the German Nationals) were giving back the love ten-fold!

The fellas were totally geeked to have their latest song Make It Rain hit the Top 50 in the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts –which is doubly awesome considering they are an independent label. The young men that make up Travis Porter have known each other since elementary school and they all reside in Georgia.
Travis Porter Stats:

Alright, so let’s dive into this INTERVIEW!

87PageS: Ok I must admit I was very confused at your concert—I kept saying which one is Travis Porter. Clearly you must get that question a lot, so now the ultimate question is; are ya’ll sadistic or was this a part of the game plan/ and how did ya’ll come up with the name?

Quez: (Laughs) No but It was intentionally made to be a conversation piece. So when people saw three people on stage they would wanna YouTube or Google the group.

87PageS: Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way; why did you all pick Germany and how long have you been here?

Quez: Actually, we didn’t pick Germany. They picked us. We go where the people want. We’ve been here since 11/4 and we leave 11/14.

87PageS: Ok, good stuff. So how are you all enjoying Germany and your tour?

Quez: The club life is cool but we haven't done much. Just being vampires; performing at night and sleeping during the day.

87PageS: Have you all gone sightseeing? What has been your favorite city?

Quez: Haven't done any sightseeing [but we really want too]; but were planning to visit either Paris or Amsterdam before we leave.

87PageS: How does it feel to come overseas and see the response to your music?

Ali: It feels amazing, it’s a true blessing.

87PageS: What’s your creative process?

Strap: You don't think, you just do it. We write our own music and vibe off each other.
Travis Porter: For example in Bananas [from the Streets R Us Mixtape], Strap was hanging out in the studio just mumbling and from there we worked on it and it just took off.

87Pages: Who creates your beats?

Travis Porter: FKi creates our beats.

87PageS: So what 3 major labels would you’d be interested in signing with?

Travis Porter: 1. Universal, 2. Atlantic, 3. Jive

87PageS: So I saw on Wikipedia that Gucci Mane is interested in signing you all; are there any other labels or people interested in you?

(The guys burst out laughing).
Ali: We’re on Wikipedia?? Man, that’s crazy, I remember using Wikipedia for school papers. But yea, labels have been trying to get with us for about two years but we don’t wanna rush into anything. We would like to work with Lil Wayne -- it'd be a good look if he got on our Make It Rain remix.

87PageS: Your latest mixtape Differenter Gang came out in September, are there any plans for a New Years mixtape?

Strap: We have one dropping out before the top of the year. We still releasing new music until then.
Quez: The Make it Rain video is coming out by the end of the year, so be on the lookout for the BET 106 & Park video premiere.

87PageS: So, here’s a fun question; when there’s a creative issue do you use Rock, Paper, and Scissors to solve your problems?

Quez: Actually, we haven't really debated on it. Basically we like what sounds good and then add our own ideas [to create the song] -- that’s what makes Travis Porter.
Strap: We don’t really discuss [creative issues] amongst each other only with our Engineer. But, there haven’t been any big things.

87PageS: Tupac or Biggie?

Travis Porter: Pac.

87PageS: Dollars or Euros

Travis Porter: Euros

87PageS: Beyonce or Kelly

Strap & Ali: Beyonce.
Quez: Kelly.

87PageS: With the emergence of House/Techno hitting the Billboards, are there any plans to incorporate into your music?

Travis Porter: It’ll be an interesting sound, which is why we like to collab with groups like FKi –like there’s a techno version of Make It Rain coming out soon.
--Note: I actually got to hear the techno version and lemme just say OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ

87PageS: What do you all think of fellow Georgian B.O.B.?

Travis Porter: We like B.O.B., he’s hot. He’s been doing his thing for a long time. Actually, we ran into him at the airport in ATL, he was flying to Dublin and we were flying here [Germany].

87PageS: Is there anything you wanna say to your fans in the States? What about in Germany?

Travis Porter: US Fans, See ya'll soon, with new music, styles, and sayings. Especially our new song and saying, “Guten Tag! Blasen.” Germany Fans, we appreciate the love and shoutouts to the soldiers and shoutout to DJ Dollar Bills.

87PageS: Anything you wanna add or personal shoutouts’?

Travis Porter: We have a new club song with Big Sean --who is signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music label-- coming out very soon, it’s called Play This For Dem Gurls.

Follow us on Twitter and shoutout to the Team (Porter House Music). http://blog.wearetravisporter.com/

87PageS: Alrighty thanks Guys! It was a blast and be sure to follow me on Twitter

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Kev said...

niceeeeeee. doing it megagargantuan out here i see. keep on moving up ms. sc :]

87PageS said...

Thanks Kev! I appreciate the feedback! :)

Tierra said...

Nice Star!! I would've like to know more about how they've made it so big as independent artists, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

87PageS said...

Hey Tierra! Thanks for the comment! :) But yea in regards to more history about TP; it was my first instinct to ask that but I wanted the reader to take the initiative and go find out for themselves. I totally appreciate the feedback and be sure to come back! :)