From Sangria to a Stick of Gum

Hey Friends,

So where did I leave off?? Sight-Seeing correct?? Ok, so after I saw the majority of the sites of Barcelona and I knocked off a few more museums I finally went back to the hostel and go dolled up and made plans to eat some traditional Catalan food, drink sangria, and meet up with some people from Couch Surfing. What happened was me being all dolled up and staying on the internet for about 2 hours. I know such a jerk move. But I did meet up with the CSer's (along with 2 girls I met at the hostel; Sheba (who is from Paris) & Virginia (who is from Brazil but lives in Paris). We caught the metro, found the bar, and it's like we stepped into paradise.

For every woman, there was like 10 guys. No lie. Majority of them were deliciously hot. I now know what it feels like to be a man. My neck aches from whipping it around. The guys we met complained of the huge numbers and I told them that in the US the ration is vastly different -- 30 US women to 1 US man. That actually explains why women aren't married. But, yea so we had a few beers and lots of good convo and I was ashamed.

I was ashamed because these young adults could speak 1-2 languages and was intermediate in a third. I only know basic Spanish and what I know wasn't significant for a good conversation. Seriously how many times can a person say "Hola" "Si" or "Por Favor." Not knowing any other languages was very embarrassing for me. Especially when I was asked; "So you live in Germany. Do you speak German?"... AGH so yea for the rest of my little life I plan to devote my time to foreign languages. Because I'm just wack for not knowing anything besides English. So wack. Luckily, my job offers Rosetta Stone so I'ma cop that!

So, besides that startling epiphany I had a great time mingling with the CSers from BCN and chilling with the ladies I met at my hostel. Around 3am we parted ways, and I started packing. Got to my flight on time. Made it safely back to Germany. Caught the train back home.

On the train home the cutest thing happened. I was sitting across from this nice looking German dude who kept staring at me. I didn't act on it cuz I was soooo tired and just not in the mood. But he would keep staring at me. Finally he came to a decision and was gonna offer me some gum but by than I fell asleep lol. I woke up and he was putting on his jacket to get off the train and he looked my direction and gave me the stick of gum with a silent shy smile. I took it with a smile. I than looked inside my bookbag for a piece of Orbit gum and gave him one. When he got off the train he walked by my window-- just as I was smelling his gum (it was fruity not my favorite) .. we chuckled, smiled,and waved.

Isn't that adorable??

When I finally got home, I was so depressed. Snow. Snow. Snow. Icy sidewalks. I ended my night with some food, a shower, a book, and than sleep. So yup thats about it. Pictures & videos will be coming soon!

CIAOLuvvies! xoxo

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