Angels Surround Me

Hey Friends,

I haven't actually written a personal blog piece in awhile so let me update you on the past week. As everyone knows I'm always super geeked for Halloween -- I love to dress up. I had all these awesome costume ideas

1. Cat Woman
2. Lady Gaga
3. Little Monster (Lady Gaga fan)
4. Cats the Musical
5. Sexy Astronaut

Unfortunately I wound up being a bizarre looking fairy with a pair of angel wings and a tiara. I looked a mess but my makeup was on point.

So on Oct 30 my friend Mia (she was a pirate) and I decided to hit up Munich for the festivities. I drove [her car] and we hit Kultfabrik (which is like a huge warehouse sectioned off into 40 different clubs) so we check out a few clubs; and were semi-disappointed, Germans do not know how to celebrate Halloween. Sure they were dressed up but mostly as vamps or they looked like burn victims. Not sexy in the least. Def, missed my undergrad Halloween experiences.

So skip to the end of an uneventful night and we decide to head back to Mia's house--which is like an 1hr 18mins from Munich; but were we actually live in Vilseck is 2hrs away.

Again, I'm driving. Tired but a trouper to the end. Mia lays her chair down to sleep. So I'm driving at about 85mph on the autobahn on cruise control in mens shower shoes;

I know stupid me.

As you might've surmised and in case you didn't. I started getting tired and I was hungry as hell. So in attempts to pull over to nap and than later get some food. My shoes slip off and underneath the pedals. I panic. I've never been involved in an accident or apart of one. So in my attempts to fix the situation ...err freak the heck out of my mind. My foot hits the gas instead of the brake and we hit the right guardrail.

I black out and wake up underneath the left guardrail. Mind you we were on a four lane high way. And the damage to the guard makes me suspect we might've flipped or something. I woke to the roof, window shield caved in, glass shards everywhere, and as I'm yelling Mia's name.  She doesn't respond. So now I'm flipping out. Mia finally sits up and says what the heck is going on.

She slept through the entire accident. And she's tryna calm me down because in her words I was getting overly dramatic. But she's been in like 3 accidents so apparently she's a pro. But I had so much guilt right than and there. Because if Mia had been sitting up during the collision she'd be dead. Her window was gone and there was an object that more than likely woulda pierced her skull. As for me if I'd been taller a similar object would've went through my forehead.

So skip a few hours later as were in the German hospital -- note Germans do not excell in the bedside manner. And as soon as you're done being treated you pay right than and there. 0_0 ... Anyways Mia and I are talking about the accident; after I had sufficiently calmed down. And all she wants from me is too

1. Never wear those shoes again
2. Give her a kidney since we have the same blood type
3. Babysit whenever I'm available
4. Wake her up when I'm tired of driving
5. Drive again the next time we go clubbing 0_0

In terms of injuries; minor contusions and scrapes. My spine is straight when its supposed to be curved. Mia had a concussion and her back hurts. I had a limp for like 3 days. Mia has headaches.

So what did I learn. wear tennis shoes while driving, get enough sleep, eat, don't panic, and don't celebrate Halloween in a foreign country. What I know is that He-- God- Our Father and His Angels were surround Mia and I. I am so thankful to be alive and so grateful. I am so BLESSED!

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