Brief thoughts on Abortion

My response to a blog another friend wrote, in regards to Abortion & Single Parenting:

Original Note:

You think like a man. This isn't a bad thing. It's natural.

And it's also the reason why Roe vs. Wade has been contested since the 70s.

Call abortion what you will, murder, an excuse, not taking responsibility, etc. It's still a viable, legal, efficient, and healthy (if it's done properly) CHOICE for a woman. Women have been having abortions for a long time, whether throwing themselves down the stairs, letting some wacko with a hanger have at them, or utilizing natures herbs/remedies to procure the result.

Abortions will continue to happen.

I ask you this, if a woman has been raped and becomes pregnant because of that, should she be forced to bring her child full term? OR should she abort it?

As a man, you can't possibly understand the emotional and psychological effects of being pregnant OR thinking that you're pregnant. It's an influx of emotions that can warp even the most rationale woman.

As for the alleged man that did not want to have a child but might be forced to pay child support. If he really fought for it, the states might deem that he has no personal or financial obligation to the child, and he can go on his merry way.

Now, it'll be a complete different story if the woman poked a hole in the condom or eradicated the preventive measure. In that case, should the man still be forced to a financial obligation?

I'm Pro-Choice, if that answers your riddle. I think women should have the choice to bring full term any child that is purposefully conceived or not.

I wasn't always Pro-Choice, in high school and maybe until sophomore year of college I was Pro-Life.

I'm about Choice, because life isn't black and white. There are definitely shades of grey in between. I'm disgusted by the actual abortions and I've researched the procedures and I've seen the pictures of aborted fetuses. I think it's horrible. But in denying a woman the choice to abort is denying them their inalienable human rights of choosing what to do with their body.

Now, if some person has had 3 or more abortions within a years span. That person should be sterilized. Harsh perhaps. But some people aren't meant to be parents and their constant abortions are a strain on our already tethered dollar.


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