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So, my friend wrote another interesting blog about the specimen that is Tyler Perry. I wrote a response to his note.

The original note can be viewed here:

My response is as follows:

The age old expression of "We've Got To Do Better" constantly lurks in my mind, but we have to remember, "That Knowledge Does Not Correlate With Behavior" (credited to an associate at my Alma Mater).

I'm not a Perry fan and I don't buy his movies, it dumbs down my intellect and I feel like I'm being pulled into a brainwashing mechanism but I ... See more thinks that due to my expecting too much--oddly enough when I watched Superbad I didn't feel this mechanism, but that's because I realize not all white kids act like that.

That's where the difference lies.

Someone alluded to it isn't his responsibility and it's not his fault that people support crap.

So, Kudos to Perry for milking the cow until it's dry. But when will it be enough? As an artist isn't it our duty to ensure that our works aren't misinterpreted--excluding Impressionist and the like.

I think it would be extremely interesting to hear, Perry defend his "art work" and really discuss the detriment it creates for the image of black Americans.

I constantly, lament about being an aspiring screen play writer (meaning I wrote one screen play--and dabbled in writing more since), I write poetry and I write short stories/hinging on books.

But, it is difficult to get my work noticed because it isn't written in the stereotypical art form or the "60% black people mentioned" won't be able to identify it.

Whose fault is that? Mine or the media, or the disillusioned 60% that feeds on the shucking and jiving that is mass produced?

So a shameless psa in regards to my Artistic pursuits:

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