Chopped & Screwed

MY hair is damaged so much from flat ironing it.. it is now permanently straight.. my choices are now
-keep the burnt hair and let it grow out..
-cut the hair off and start anew

The only issue is my concurrent case of alopecia (due to stress) and I just cant allow that to be seen ... so I'm prolly gonna keep my hair a...nd get some micros or kinky twists

I need to start taking better care of my hair & body: i recently bought some coconut milk, coconut oil, EVOO, peppermint oil, and some ACV (I bought the wrong kind of of ACV, I need to get the unfilitered sort).

My alopecia patch is slowly growing in but its still worrying me. Im trying not to let anything stress me .. BUT its oh so hard. grrr

I'ma wear my hair in two-strand twists as a constant protective style until I get micros or my A.patch grows in.

My hair damaged began when I first got my hair hot combed back in June or July 2009.

I'm just now noticing that I had lost my original curl pattern back in 2009.

My current hair looks nothing like that. It looks like Im transitioning from relaxed to natural.

I've never wore my hair in a "straight" way-cuz I always had locs.. So last year I wanted to experiment and to see how I looked.. your hair is still techincally natural because it reverts back to the original form..

My hair is currently anti-reversion because I was ignorant and let ppl do whatever to my hair.


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