Let's Talk God: Part 3

That makes sense and you said what I said.. but much better. I can get with that, but (for me) your argument still doesn't coincide to the famous quote christians say. You might see it differently, but the vast majority sees it literally.

To me, God "allowing" and God "putting" are two totally different things. I totally agree that God allows us to go through the things especially when we are exercising free will. i.e, the 40 years in the wilderness, but it wasn't God that put them in the desert to wander for 40 years. It was their hardheadedness, murmuring, complaining, and idol worship.

I believe it's hard for God to work in our lives when we shut him out or act outside of his will. However, when God has an end result for our lives, it's reasonable to expect hurdles and potholes along the way because the enemy naturally doesn't want you to succeed. That's when God's provision protects us as long as he is the source. Proverbs 3:5-6.

In a kind of relation to what Tierra said: Read the 1st chapter of Job. Going thru things builds your faith and love for Christ. Its like a rubber band. You have to keep stretchin' it to really get it to grow. Its not gonna break... cuz God's not going to break you. But he did tell Satan to test Job. Job laid in bed for months with boils all over his body & also sat and listened to his "friends" tell him how he must've did something wrong and he needed to repent... that's besides the point. God will allow us to go thru things. If you never go thru anything, how can you build faith? Why would you need God if you could deliver urself from situations?


So what do you think? Any input you'd like to add?

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