Hair, Hair, Hair pt 1

Ok, so if you may not know. I am natural. Have been natural since I was 4. Ive been loc'd up since I was 16. Than I made the transition to Sisterlocks till I was 20. Now I'm rocking the afro and wearing protective styles. My hair traditionally (in locs) grows past my shoulder/mid back. With Sisterlocks I didn't have them in long enough and I would keep my hair cropped to my chin. One time I did let my SL's grow near my shoulder before I cut them.

Now as a natural natural lady. I'm trying to get my hair back down my back. So far I've had no luck. I don't take good care of my hair, I usually have no interest or time in trying to figure out the best combs to buy or what ingredients are harmful to my hair and scalp. College Student here!

However, since I've become a blogger, I've been addicted to the natural hair blogs, I delve into the information and I decided to take a proactive approach to getting my long hair back.

I will be detailing my journey, extensively because I'm addicted to details. IDK what type of hair texture I have.. it's somewhat all over the place, I do know that its fine, can be brittle/dry, and I suck at moisturizing it, but I try not to manipulate it all the time.

So starting tomorrow I will be trying or making a deep conditioner out of

Banana's, Honey, Virgin Olive Oil, Skim Milk, and Water... hopefully this goes well. I won't use the mix until this weekend. I need to buy some conditioner.. I'm leaning towards Garnier because I like the way it feels on my hair. But I'm leaning towards buying some natural conditioners if the Garnier has negative ingredients.

Like I said earlier, I've been stalking natural hair blogs and two in particular that I view ALL the time are Mane & Chic and Black Girl With Long Hair. So for future reference for me and others that may decide to view my blog. Ima put some interesting links on here for reference.

So my ultimate goal for Spring/Summer.. get my hair in a good place where it is lush, healthy, moisturized, and getting some length.. before I go to Germany!

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