Sitting Poolside in my Pearls

So talk about the element of surprise. My sister turned 18 and she had a party. Not just any party but one at the rec center and when I say party I mean she invited her friends and they are going to utilize all the rec center has to offer.

Confused yet?

I definitely was when I showed up in my pearls and my Kira Plastinina tank top (side note super sad her US stores are closed!). Party I was told. Party it was not. Luckily I had the foresight to bring my pajamas with me just in case I decided to spend the night. So now my Navy sweat pants, my pearls, and my K.P. tank top, are on babysitting duty at the pool.

To top it off my mother is being overbearing at the "party," my sister keeps making snide comments. One that began with "Why don't you go home and get a swim suit oh that's right you don't have a license"... Such a rude little bastich my sister is. Sad thing is she doesn't have a license either.

So this night definitely got more interesting as it progressed.

I had caught a ride with my friend Fani, because he had a show. His phone died so I couldn't get in contact with him for about two hours. I finally caught up with him via his brother, (side note- his brother is extra fine but pays me no mind.


So me and Fani went back to school. I caught up with my friend John. Now once upon a time, I would've tried to get with John. But my junior year I made the mistake of getting with his friend. I had just broken up with my boy friend of 3 years and old dude was available. Unfortunately for me, by getting with John's friend- put a permanent blemish on my record. So I totally regret that event. Because John was like I would've hollered at you had you not gotten with my friend. Cuz his friend is such a freakin looser.

I don't even want John nor am I interested in him like that and he doesn't want me. I just thought it was interesting the road my life "could" have went. Which is why I wrote on my twitter if I could re-do my sophomore and junior year of college. I would.

So yea that was my Saturday in a nut shell.

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