Random Thoughts about Germany

Ok so my random thoughts about Germany.

Germans can be quite rude. The words "excuse me", "pardon", or even "I'm Sorry" are exempt from their vocab. When walking they plow through you especially when you're walking in the train station. They aren't too considerate for others.

Let's see what else can I rant/comment about?

The German McDonald's is exquisite. It taste completely different from American McDonalds. The fries are so tasty. I love eating them with mayo. Their chicken nuggets are to die for. Now I know I'm being the typical American but its soooo addicting.

Please keep in mind that I do like to eat German foods. But its rare to eat it on base (we have American foods/fast food courts)-- The Burger King on post is okay. It sometimes taste different but their fries are on point. not as good as MCD tho. When I go off post I do make a point to try German food. I'm not opposed to it. The bratwurst is quite delightful. German Beer is good too.

-Curry Wurst & Pomme Frittes so delicious I would kill for it!

The area I live in has like 300 breweries. So I plan to discover them. :)

I think the US should invest in trains -- Europe is onto something with having trains every where.

Um, I can't think of anything else. But I'ma force myself to recount my trips to Oktoberfest & Paris in a new post by Sunday. Its just sooo hard lol even when I'm bored I don't feel like writing. But I will do it!

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