The Almost Disaster of Oktoberfest

I originally planned to go too Oktoberfest (in Munich) in the second week it was in session, but Al Quad-ea decided to threaten Germany & Oktoberfest with bombs galore. So my internship forbade us to go. Talk about the worst thing in the world. We had bought our tickets a few weeks in advance to celebrate Linda's birthday. Her family even had a room reserved for her. Let me tell you I was super pumped.

But we didn't go. Needless to say, Al Quadea did not bomb Germany... in the time that I've been here.

Ok so basically, me, Christine, & Spencer went the the third week (final week) of Oktoberfest and it was fun. Not as crowded like I originally thought but it was fun. Christine was meeting her friend (whose in the Airforce) at Oktoberfest so we had a beer tent to go too. We met up with her friend and his friends. And had a lot of FUN. The house beer wasn't to die for but it did the job. I actually was somewhat sober for the event because I never quite finished my 2 beers... not cuz I'm a wimp but throughout the day I lost sight of my beer and I was NOT trying to be in a Germany version of Hangover .... (PAUSE: Hangover is a movie that recently came out..def go see it!)

I would also like to pause for a minute, and talk about my love of accessories. Don't worry this will contribute to the story. I love my accessories. Especially my earrings that I try to buy one of kind. Like it becomes very intense and dramatic if I ever loose my earrings. I typically have backs in them, but sometimes they fall out. Sadly.

So what does this have to do with my story? I had on a pair of earrings that I loved. Like they were wonderful I got them for 1.99$ from Love21 and I loved them. I checked frantically throughout the day to make sure I still had them in my ear because my dumb self forgot to put backs in them.

So as our evening is coming to a close in Oktoberfest. We had been there for about 4 good hours I reckon. We say our goodbyes and we all walk out of the beer tent. All in good camaraderie. Than it happens. I randomly touch my earlobe.

My earring is gone.

I stop & freak out.

Did I mention that Oktoberfest is like an international fest. Like there's like over 3,000 people at this event and probably more.. and I'm giving you a chance to go google this annual event yourself.

Any sane person wouldn't have freaked out. But I neglected to tell you.

I'm not sane.

So yea I stop walking and I go back looking for my earring.

That's when I stop. I look up and realize MY 2 friends were still walking when I went back. THEY don't know I went back. I turn to my current companion--- one of the Airforce guy who is significantly drunk but also rather helpful and I have a major panic attack.

1. I had no German phone.
2. I had my American phone (AT&T Blackjack) that works internationally but I don't have an international plan.
3. I didn't have Christine's number
4. I didn't have Spencer's number.
5. We didn't have a designated meeting place if we got lost from each other.
6. They didn't have my American number.
7. I got lost during check in time, (exactly at 9:30-10:30).... we have to check in to our boss so she can know we're alive and haven't been kidnapped.
8. I was with an Airforce guy... whose name I don't even know.

Ok let me just stop right here. Earlier as we drove to Oktoberfest I did bring up numbers 1-6. But we silly fools just knew we were too smart to get lost, it had never happened before, and we had our designated driver. In Germany if you're the DD and you have 1 drink you loose you're license for 60 days. Yeah, their super strict.

So yea um... the effort was made. Ok this sounds all bad huh? It really isn't... kinda.

So me and the Airforce guy (I feel so bad for not knowing his name... kinda) change our direction and look for my friends. We go back to the beer tent they are not there. We go to a different beer tent closer to the Oktoberfest entrance/exit. They aren't there. We consider getting another beer. Riiiight, yea that was a definite no go. So I decide to search by myself. Yes I realize all this sounds quite crazy and unsafe. I know I'ma dummy but dont worry it gets worse. After a search that ends with no result I find my way back to the Airforce guy.

Now he and his crew are going to Garmisch and he's tryna convince me to come with. 0_0

Hannah Montana say WHAT! So I start asking random people to use their phone. Righteously they say no. So now the guy has convinced me that if we find his friends at the train station I can use their phone or I can take the train back to Vilseck or go to Garmisch.

So we take a bike carriage. Yes I know. We take the carriage and venture towards the Munich train station. By now its a full blown panic. Like I'm near tears and I turn to the bike peddler and I plead to use his phone to check in.

Oh yea I forgot to mention I had the numbers of the 3 bosses. Who coincidentally were at Oktoberfest as well.

So luckily the bike peddler lets me use his phone. OF course the phone goes to voicemail. Like I'm in such a FML state of mind. So I whip out my Blackjack and send a text.

No reply. I'm getting frantic.

So we get to the train station. My companion has missed his train. His friends has left him. I still have no phone. I'm still lost.

So I do it.

I whip out the Blackjack and I call & call & call. When I finally get a response I internally wept a bucket of tears of joy.

This is how the convo went:

--This is Star. I'm checking in.
--Are you by yourself?
--No I'm with Christine. She's uh by the uh um souvenirs. I'm in the bathroom.
--Soooo you're by yourself than
--- Not really I'm not lost
--- So you're lost?
---Ummmm no
--Ok check in when you're with Christine
-- Ummm can you give me Christine's number?

Ridiculous right? Like for no reason! So I call Christine all agitated and lo and behold. She's still at Oktoberfest. So we plan to meet at the entrance. I say goodbye, goodluck, and gracias to my companion.

I hop on a bike carriage and head back to Oktoberfest. I finally find Christine and the reunion was joyful, than I called my boss again to tell her I was with Christine.

All was finally right in the world. We went to McDonald's. I got nuggets & pommes frittes w/mayo & beer. The beer sucked. It kinda tasted like Nati Lite. It was disappointing.

But we made it back home and it was a great trip all in all.

The only thing I was nervous about was telling my mom. Not that I got lost but that I used the phone.

So I told and you know what she said.

Next time get a tether.

-Please note the "lost" earring

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