Home Again to Buy a Fat pig

Ok so maybe not to buy a fat pig. But I did touchdown in the states Dec 19 and its been a great reunion. Been trying to visit my friends before they depart for the holidays and of course there's family time. Tho to be honest this is my first day sleeping at home since Ive gotten back.

But it is quite comfortable and safe knowing Ill always have a home to come back too. Secretly Germany has the strict potential to become another home. So we'll see.

Oh while I was on twittter.... coughhintcough www.twitter.com/87PageS coughhintcough I was complimented on my blog but that it was tooo long.

So instead of being a chatty cathy Ima chop up my blogs in Act I ; Act II and so on. So for the weary reader you can enjoy my craziness easier.


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