Booty Booty Rockin Everywhere!


So I've been on this workout plan. Tryna detox my self. Get back in shape and tone up. It's been working for the most part. I still need to work on the tummy but I no longer have a food belly and I can actually do 10 minutes of cardio without passing out. I also bought a bike from Walmart:

I've been slacking off lately but tomorrow I'm going too work out even more.

However my bff brought something to my attention this weekend.

I've lost my booty. In her opinion I never had much of a booty - mind you she's a twig with an onion booty, and she rarely works out- she has this belief that working out doesn't make you loose your booty.

However, I am a believer that butts-- and my booty in particular- are mixed with fat and muscle. Previously before my hard core workouts I was curvy and thick, and according to my friend.. I had a fat ass... it wasn't huge, you couldn't eat off of it, but it was roundish, stook out a bit, I mean it was a standard booty.

I got compliments on it. I took pride in it. I am severely sad at my lack of booty due to working out. WOE IS ME! :(

I wonder is there a way for me to work out but keep my booty. Jennifer Lopez had the same issue. After Selena--RIP-- she was becoming famous and she needed to get toned.. but she didn't want to loose her booty. I need to know what workouts Beyonce and J.Lo do.

I wouldn't mind so much about the booty.. if my thighs weren't so luscious and my hips weren't so child bearingish. Also if my breasts were a size B instead of a freakin 38C I wouldn't look top heavy.

I'm depressed ya'll. I had a coke bottle figure and it's becoming a body I will surely despise. If I could just have a flat and toned stomach/arms I would be happy.

I plan to fast all this week. I also need to google how to get my booty back.


Rachel Beau said...

How did your fasting go?? Lord knows I tried to try that, and I just got off of focus!! Not that I couldn't do it, but slowly for surely I started getting back into my old eating ways!! I don't eat pork or beef..but I eat so much bread! LOL.. I need to work out like you!! Okay, Okay, I'm done...:)

87PageS said...

Like any fallible human.. I'm veered off the course. I did cut back on the pork and beef. I also ate less. I currently lost 10 lbs and I'm toning up very nicely. I still have a ways to go -- but I'm excited at the noticable progress. Oh and I still haven't figured out how to get my booty back lol

Rachel Beau said...

I'm sure glad you put your workout plan on here!! My arms are all jiggly!! LOL.. But as far as the BOOTY keep on keep keeping on!! Just think I'm tryna make mine go down!!