Procastination = Facebook Quizzes

So I always balk at these quizzes because they are underwhelming and consume a lot of time. However I gave in for the night. Although I will delete them off my facebook. I like my privacy duh... But I wanted to post them here in remembrance. :D

ps... why can't these people spell on these quizzes?? What ever happened to spell check! gee whiz

--What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?

****1940s: You are the ultimate romantic at heart. You put a high priority on true love, patriotism, and dedication to honor and duty. Whether it be serving your country or serving your family, you have a very hard work-ethic balanced out by your whimsical, dreamy heart.

You are willing to take risks, go where no one has gone before, and you have a sense of pride in everything you do. Just as you are in touch with your inner beauty, you also give just the right amount of focus on your outer beauty-- standing out with the latest fashions and getting in touch with your sensual side.

Your sexiness is not scandalous but rather classy and poised. You are the envy of those around you because no matter how much tough work you have to do, you keep a smile and look good while doing it.****

---What's Your Actual Age?
**** 18... 0_0

---What college do you belong to?
**** LSU. You are a dirty southern partier lookin for a good time and some southern rock to party to. You love your country, love your college, and your football team. Rock on!

---What's Your American Accent?
**** Northern Accent. Your accent is specific to New York State, the Great Lakes Area, and Western New England.

---Which Shakespearean Character Would You Be?
****You are Viola, the disguised young lover who rightly claims, "I am not what I am." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alone in unfamiliar territory, believing all is lost, you are not the kind to give up...even if it means disguising yourself as the oppposite sex...even if it means taking a job wooing your own rival for the one you love. Witty and intelligent, you sorely feel the irony of your situation, but your honor compels you to carry through. Will true love conquer all? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shakespearean kindred spirits: Rosalind (As You Like It), Portia (the Merchant of Venice), Imogen, Perdita, Antipholus of Syracuse, Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet

---A More Accurate Harry Potter Sorting Quiz
****Hufflepuff.You are the most honest, hardworking, and dependable of the lot.

While Gryffindors will do what they think is right and fight in the name of justice, they may sometimes sacrifice friendships and overlook details along the way. They may take risks and believe that the ends justify the means. You on the other hand, do what you think is right, but don't believe that the ends will justify the means if the means involve betraying a friend or hurting anyone. You are the sweetest, most caring, and most loyal of the lot. You have a truly pure heart.

---How Well do you know Men?
****75%. Very good! You're not an expert on Men but you sure know them Well! A little more effort and you're bound to be an expert! Congratulations!

---What stereotype do you fit?
****You're a slacker in school, but you love to have a good time. You're obviously into drugs and shit, and care more about that than your own family. You have friends just like you, and skive off school to go smoke up some shit. People look down on you for smoking, but you don't really care. They just don't know what they're missing. You're very peaceful, and love music.

side note I really was a slacker in high school. I never smoked weed. But I hardly did homework. I was more of a nerd/slacker

---Which Twilight character are you?
****You are the fiery werewolf, Jacob. You may be young and impulsive with a temper, but you only want what's right. You are prone to falling in love and may have trouble being 'just friends' with girls. You care about your family and tribe and feel like someone can always hear your thoughts. You can be a little dangerous, but your friends put up with it.

ok so I'm not upset being Jacob... BUT c'mon now why do I have to be Jacob!!! gah

---What Kinda Drunk Are you?
****Red Lantern- The Angry Drunk.

You may be a nice person when you're sober, maybe or maybe not, but get a few drinks in you and everyone better watch out! You are NOT the person to piss off once you've been all liquored up. You'll bitch slap someone for looking at you cross-eyed, or start a screaming match because some had the nerve to ask you for another beer. Maybe they bumped into you and you challenged them to a duel. Whatever happens, you're a good friend and a bad enemy to have.

OMG so true lol

---What's your ideal man?
**** The Artist.

You like a man with a creative mind, one who has a unique way of thinking. Individualism is crucial in your choice of men, and not just any Joe Shmoe can get your attention. He could be a singer, songwriter, dancer, painter, musician, actor, writer, etc. He is very smart, whether or not he finished in school. He's sensitive, and emotional- often making them prone to drug and/or alcohol abuse.

He may even be prone to depression. Your love making would most likely be very intense, and passionate, but a relationship may prove to be trying on both of you. If you are lucky, he will have already achieved fame, or at least found his direction in life, but most likely he will be struggling in some way or another. If you can survive these struggles as a couple (figuratively and literally), which may include drug rehab and poverty, you will be one amazing couple!

why me lol but yea I am attracted to those types

---Who is your lifetime match?
****They are born between 21st June - 23rd July

You're a real charmer but you don't get swept along by the first person who shows an interest in you. You need time to be sure of your feelings and you don't get involved lightly. But when you wake up one day telling yourself you want and love a certain person, your life takes on a whole different meaning. You cover them with kisses and can come across as a bit possessive.

No-one touches the one you love! As for your loyalty, it's exemplary. Out of all the people you have encountered throughout your life, you will want to be loved-up in the arms of a one of these kinds of people...and stay there. You two form a wonderful alliance together. From the moment your two meet, a calm climate, full of love and serenity, will be born. You will feel good in their company, you have more things in common than differences. Like you, they love children and family.

Alongside them, you will feel like you're in a cocoon, without ever becoming bored. And you have one thing on your mind: building a happy, comfortable and solid nest with them!

---Which Decade Are You?
****1940s Glamorous Revolutionary

You are quite the glamorous revolutionary! You have a sense of pride in everything that you take on, whether it's filling in to do a man's job during wartime or raise your daughters to step up to the challenge of helping to establish women's rights, you take things head on! You are a hard worker and are always looking out for others.

Your style centers around clean lines and timeless designs. Women in the 40s had the same sense of pride in their bodies and dressed in a way that accentuated their figures! You are not one to stand by and let things happen to you, you go after what you want and you are respected and admired for it!
---Which character are you from the movie, "The Hangover"?
****Mr.Chow. You are the center of your world. If you think it's funny then it is. People often underestimate you but the power of your will cannot be denied. You are the unwanted surprise in a box, the unwelcome enemy who leaves your foes confused and craving a shower. You are Mr. Chow... bi@tch~!

So That's the last one I'll post on my blog.. but I am kinda addicted and will be up most of the night doing these quizzes lol


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