Part 2 Recap "Scotty Doesn't Know" Road Trip

So we finally got to Prague. Honestly it was very pretty but I wasn't like in awe. Perhaps because I've never been interested in the Czech Republic. Either way I did enjoy the sites. We took a tour of Prague and it sucked. I blame it on the tour guide; he was extremely low in volume and somewhat monotone. Like I have no idea what I saw and it we left in the middle of the tour.

Click the video to see the sites:

I met some cool Scottish folk who were in Prague for a football (European) game. They lost but they seemed to take it in stride. Which is good since supposedly there were about 8,000 Scots. I was overly impressed with their manliness, kilts, and their oh so charming.

Click the video to see the Parade of Kilts:

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