My Hair

So I've been looking through so many blogs that are about natural hair and I'm actually impressed. I've been natural since I was 4 years old.

Traditional Locks were my lifestyle until my Junior year of Highschool.

Than I cut it all off! And restarted with Sisterlocks from junior year of high school till my second semester junior year of college

Than I cut it all off

Than I got micros... I was unweavable

Than I wore my hair regular

I even wore a wig for a day or three

Than I got Micros again

Now I'm back to the Afro

Oh and I'm officially a fan of threaded eyebrows


YASU said...

Great post! So wonderful to see everyone embracing their natural beauty in all its splendor!

S.C. Page said...

Thanks so much! Be sure to stop back and view my latest posts. :)

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