No More Puerto Rican Besos

I miss Gustavo, Yamil, Yolanda, and all the nice people we've met.

I miss the crazy driving of the bus drivers.

I miss the Coral by the Sea- the worst but best hotel ever.

I miss the fried plantains.

I miss the over crispy fried chicken that tasted like fish. lol

I miss the signs in Spanish.

I miss everyone assuming I was Puerto Rican.

I miss Old San Juan.

I miss Walgreens.

I miss Denny's.

I miss the beach.

I miss everyone that spoke Spanish!

I miss seeing all the hot guys... going to the bathroom seeing a hot guy... going to McDonald's and seeing a hot guy... I miss ALL the hot guys!

I miss dancing reggaton, bachata, salsa, merengue and listening to it ALL the Time!

I miss Puerto Rico!!!!

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