Puerto Rican Besos

So a few Key things I've learned in my journey to Puerto Rico.... Don't get in cars that Do Not say TAXI... You will get ripped off.. for "45$ and Tip." I've designated myself the leader of the group when it comes to making exchanges/ordering things... One I'm more nonsense than the other girls... and I can follow the spanish a bit more easily... Two of my friends are Punjabi-American (parents from India), the other is Tanzanian. So I'm the best for the job. Especially since I claim I'm PR... which could be widely accepted if I spoke fluent spanish.. but I've finally given up on that false dream. I'm black-american. yay me lol but for real yay. Our hotel is Coral by the Sea.. its quite cheap, small, interesting, we will definitely have stories to tell.

So the next thing we've done is go to the beach.. its not as great as the beaches in Hawaii.. the biggest highlight of the last two days... i bought sun glasses AND the hot guys here... I have yet to see an ugly guy! omg .. yummmmmmmmy! bad thing... i can't cash my check... im super broke and my friends keep having to pay for me.. this is getting to be quite horrible especially we keep having to take taxi's! u would think PR would have at least ONE American Bank but they dont... damn Territorty! ugh

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