Out Here Grindin

I get so tired of doing the same old thing. Whether its the club, music, dancing, shopping, guys, love, and hate. I'm so ready for new things. I have two possible new jobs - one in Germany with Camp Adventure and the other in San Antonio with City Year. Im probably going to take the job in Germany. I want to live abroad and this the perfect opportunity for me. I'm thinking of all the hot guys, interesting food, beer, and finally how will I wear my hair.

That last thing is the craziest to me - Ive become one of those women I despise... always thinking about my damn hair. The fact of hair gets in the way of my life. I cant even focus on the great things cuz of my damn Afro and whether I should get a weave or micros, cuz I'm not gonna want to do my hair. So that's one of the minor questions that's become major. How unfortunate.

Besides the hair travesty I'm actually excited for Germany. Its a new frontier. I will need to learn some basic German and make some serious money becuz the stipend I get is only $2618 which is nothing because its in Europe. So it would be best if I could make at least $2382 more I would have $5 000, for the whole year in Germany.

Especially since I know I will want to travel so Ima look into some kind of grant, get a loan and work extra hard throughout the summer. This also means I should find a subleaser for the summer so I don't have to waste money on paying rent/utilities.

As I try to get my life together I'm getting uber excited. I turn 22 on June 10, Graduation is Aug 8, Germany is Aug 16. I have one urgent matter that NEEDS to be taken care of... get my drivers license... cant grind if I cant drive. right?

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DangerouslyMinded said...

I'm very glad to hear you have so much going on! I mean you always have stuff going on (I wonder if you're even more over-involved than I am sometimes lol), but this time these are things going on that are directly relevant to your future and the path to you becoming who you will be in the future. Have you talked to "The Fam" about your Germany or San Antonio decision?