I'm sick. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I'm perpetually in angst, not very depressed, but I'm my life style is not suitable for how I should be living. So I need to detox myself.

My detox-ation begins with the physical. I need to eat healthier, drink healthier, sleep, exercise, and take vitamins.

  • I was a vegetarian for about six years and I began eating meat again in Fall 2007. It is now Spring 2009 and I think I have lost my mind. I'm giving up pork and beef. I'm going back to reading the ingredients and not eating gelatin or foods that come from cow or pig.
  • I'm giving up coffee. It does nothing for me just a sweet drink to sip. I'm only drinking tea. I've always drank water but I'm going to get away from the tap water-- or at least try.
  • I will only eat chicken, fish, other sea foods, maybe goat/lamb
  • I starting taking vitamins to give me the nutrients I need because I suck at eating vegetables and various fruits
  • I will cut back on the fried foods, breads, potatoes, and pasta
  • I will try not to eat cheese :(
  • Don't hang around people that smoke... ANYTHING.
  • I will exercise regularly even if it is only 25 sit ups a day. I'm going to stretch every day.
  • I do plan to keep the alcohol but cut back on the beer and drink more wine.. although that will be hard in Germany.
  • Smile more.
The next part of detoxing is emotionally

  • I'm giving up sex. I need to practice abstinence. Not that I'm a whore but too long have I thought it was cute to hook up with random guys. I don't need to contract any STI's/STD's/HIV/AID's... it's not safe. I don't wanna get something I can never get rid of unless God granted me with favor. Why take the continued risk.
  • This also means Kissing... people are nasty you never know what's in their mouth.
  • It's going to be hard. Because I lust so easily but it will be worth it in the end. What I need to work on is not putting myself in awkward situations.
  • The not having sex will help me immensely in the man department. I miss the sensuality and intellectual approach, I miss real Men. Side note: guys can take a page from Edward Cullen.
  • Talk to a Therapist/Counselor
The next part is Mentally

  • I need to stop slacking with my school work. It's too easy to get an A in my classes. I need to get down to business and crack these books open. Why perpetuate when I know I can excel. No one likes a dummy and my momma didn't raise no fool.
  • Stop perpetuation the "Blonde"... it was cute awhile ago. And yes I can be a ditz but after awhile it gets old and no one will take me seriously.
  • Read books that will stimulate my mind. Being an empty vessel that can recite random facts is cool but I need to know more.
  • Start learning a new language. When one wants to conqueror the world, one should know how to effectively communicate.
Final Step is Spiritually:
  • Find God in my own way. Stop subscribing to others beliefs and find whats right for me.
  • I love God. I don't show it. I need to.
  • Meditate, Nurture my Soul, Seek healing
  • Get advice from those who literally Serve him
Extra Tidbits:
  • Smile more... yes I know I put it twice. But I really should do this more. There's a lot in life to smile and laugh about. I should desist making others my jokes because I'm not that Awesome.
  • I think wearing something brighter could help with my detox-ation. This is partly why I changed my blog look from dark/gloomy to something a tad bit brighter. Granted its not yellow or neon green. It still is bright enough for me.
  • Wear my hair in a way that will make ME happy. I want long thick natural hair so I need to figure out how I can get it.


  • Continue writing my book... even start posting it on a new blog. Enhance your creative skills.
  • Dance more. Model More. Sing more. Laugh loud. Write poetry.
  • Be there for my friends and be there for myself.
  • Save money and use it wisely
  • Carpe Diem

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