Sex it Up!

I'm an avid realist but whenever I think about working out I'm thrown into a dreamy state. I want that Beyonce body but I'm too lazy to put in the actual work. Running on a treadmills, bicycling to no-mans land, and lifting weights can easily stagnate your life and body. So how can you get that body you've always wanted?

Sex it up. Literally. I find that having a sexy workout uplifts my mood, eases boredom, and is a definite confidence booster. But more importantly with a sexier workout you'll burn more calories due to short burst of energy when changing up the routine and did I mention it was sexy???

1. Belly dancing is my favorite way to tone my body and improve my posture. With a moderate to fast pace, women can loose weight, gain muscle definition, and improve their coordination. This relaxing low-impact sensually stimulating workout will exercise you from head to toe.

2. Salsa isn't just a dip, it's a great way to build up your stamina and burn those calories. Whether your heading out for a night with the girls, planning a seduction, or dancing in the mirror learning to Salsa is a great way to exercise. Salsa is a perfect way to reduce stress, gets your heart pumping, and you'll be sure to gain a new social network with this titillating dance.

3. Poles aren't just for fire-fighters and strippers anymore. This new age workout is causing headlines around the world with Pole Championships/Miss Pole competitions in Moscow, USA, Australia, and Jamaica. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and flexibilities are toning their gluttes, legs, arms, and abs through pole fitness. If grasping a pole isn't your forte than try the similar genre of Exotic dancing to create that hour-glass figure.

So what do you wear for your sexy workout? A bit of this and a bit of that. Whatever makes you comfortable and what makes you feel sexy. So if its a pair of leggings, dress, or boy shorts throw them on with a sensible pair of shoes. For salsa and pole fitness make sure your heels are under 6'. For belly dancing barefoot is best.

To find local classes in your city or nearby ask around or just google it. If you're short on cash, can't make the time to for lessons, or just a teeny bit embarrassed? Well utilize your library, Blockbuster/Family Video, check out the community calendar in your local paper, or the easily accessibly Youtube and workout in your home.

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