Creative Imaginings: Ahoy, there Maties!

Reading & Writing are so cathartic for me, that I can't help but pressure peers and strangers to try their hand at it. So of course I love to spotlight individuals and classic literature in my Creative Imaginings segments; but I wanted to shortly focus on MY skills!
So your girl is slowly but surely becoming a published writer
Who knew? Well I'm sure my bff Zuri Hall who is currently the FACE of MYIndyTV & co-conspirator/writer would boast that she knew before I knew me. And yes that was a blatant shout out. :)

But I've been writing semi-professionally since I was 11, for the local youth magazine in Toledo, OH; CurioCity & Kidzone; sadly if you google the publication it doesn't pop out. Probably due to the lack of relevance of the Internet in the 90s.

I (& Zuri hall) took a creative writing class at Owens Community College’s High School Writers Workshop Program (in 2004 or 2005) and got our poetry published in the program’s annual literary magazine, “Belles Lettres”.

I also have a lot of unpublished work; for instance I've wrote my first screenplay in 2009, entitled "Nine" --and no it isn't a musical. I also have loads of written poetry that haven't made it to the blog; speaking of the blog.. be sure to check out my poetry blog

So while I'm not a newbie to the print media; I'm a newbie to the rapid publishing due to the world wide web. Specifically my newly published articles in the online magazine, A Word For My Sistas.

I'm loving every minute and currently I'm working on creating my bio! But until than, Ciao!

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