His Color and You: Why Black Women Are Single

Although we are constantly at odds with the global community, there is one huge thing that is agreed on. Interracial dating/marriage is taboo among cultures that are traditional, homogeneous, and hold stereotypical view. Those who purposefully seek interracial relationships are doing so to lash out at their parents, join the middle/upper class, sexual deviants, and are mentally ill aka self image issues/self-hate.

How harsh and medieval are those ideas? Just google Dr. Laura Schlessinger or think about the initial reaction most people (yourself included) have when seeing a mixed-raced couple --stereotypically a black man and white woman. Exactly.

So, what does this have to do with you? Well, are you getting in the way of your own happiness because you refuse to date someone that isn't black? Black women have too much other crap going on (i.e. world domination) to give a hoot about the rumors and side-eyes regarding their mates skin color.

Recently, CNN and other agencies of the like have created a huge stir about why black women are single; some blame it on the church or unwillingness to lower their standards. Poppycock.

Who said your Ideal Black Man (IBM) was black? He might not be. If you are unwilling to explore all possibilities of love and friendship based on the lack of pigment than you are a sorry person. Sure we have our preferences, heck mine is 6'5 and my man is 5'8; but my point of it all is to experience life and don't bar yourself too a potential relationship whether he is Japanese, Irish, Hindu, Colombian, or American.

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