Save The Best For Last & Get Free

I was adopted in 1991 --I was 4-- and one of my memories that I will treasure forever, is riding around in my mom's (adoptive and perfectly awesome and the only Mom that I will ever have!) White Thunderbird, we were in the McDonald's drive thru and while we were waiting for our order, she popped in a cassette of Vanessa L Williams. The cassette only had two songs; Freedom Dance (Get Free!) & Save The Best For Last. Like all individuals who think on their past-- there is something that makes your heart go warm/fuzzy or there is something that makes you feel safe and secure. Those two songs were the foundation of my childhood --I don't think there was a time that I didn't hear those songs. Clearly, I associated happiness and family moments with that cassette and even now when I hear those two songs I always felt like anything was possible.

I just want to lift my arms and soar whenever the Freedom Dance comes on. As an young adult (because I am only 23); I am now associating different emotions with Save The Best For Last; but the feeling is still the same.. a quest for hope.

Google; Grooveshark; and Check out the songs! :)

                                                       Small Fam Get Together: Jan 2010

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