My re-do was so much better. Had me refocused! 

So about this Vegan life. 

So quick recap. Woke up. Cleaned the house. note to self dust once a week. 

Water: 60 oz

Workout: Worked out with the hubby. Like an actual workout lol. Elliptical & than some Crossfit. He had me huffing but it felt good. So than I did some minor lifting for legs/arms. 

We ended the night, trying out a new Korean/Japanese restaurant. We grade it a C. I basically had to create my own dish, like who doesn't make Kimchi Jiggae and why was it so expensive??? yeesh! We like our old spot better, actually we just wanna be back in Korea. I would not be vegan there lol but if I were it wouldn't be as hard. They literally had like 3 vegan options... double yeesh 

small red delicious apple
8 grapes
avocado cucumber sushi roll, peanut avocado sushi roll
kimchi jiggae w/ tofu & kimchi & white rice
2 glasses of merlot

I tried to do my homework... ugh it was a no go blah. 
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