Today was the first day and it was going good until it wasnt. I woke up today determined so see it through. And I did don't get me wrong. It just became a tiny struggle.

So how did I hear about this challenge?? Well Beyonce of couse. Bey posted the #22dayvegan challenge to her IG and of course the girls went wild. I've been wanting to do a revamp on my clean eating ESPECIALLY after these holidays. This challenge is all about cutting out meats-poultry-seafood-dairy products. Yesterday while grocery shopping I was eyeballing all the ingridents. If it had milk/cheese/egg whites I tossed it from my cart.

Do you know how many foods have eggs in it?! yeesh. I even had to toss back "vegeitarian/vegan" products (Morning Star/Boca Burger). My grocery store run was about 70$ -- mostly veggies. I even bought brussels sprouts... o_0 ... If I buy Okra than you'll know I'm desperate lol

I am also working on building my core -- I'm not following any regiment or workout program. I'm just going to do what feels natural ... however I am going to implement Treadmill Running & Yoga at least once a week.

I have a daily water goal of 128oz.

Day 1:

Focus T25 -- Dynamic Core & Stretch

Rice, Kimchi, Seaweed
Tofu Tortilla Soup, Rice, Tortilla Chips

96oz (in progress)

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