IM GOING VEGAN: day 20 (kinda)





Last night, I fell, not to steak, shrimp, but to cheese.

Emotional eater am I. Sad/Nervous/Shock. Consume cheese did I.

As a vegetarian cheese is fine. For some Vegans its a cardinal sin.

Something unfortunate happened last night and it had me SHOOK! No one died but money will be paid to fix it. I am a decent driver... but I could be better..... it was horrid. Shame I feel. But I'm not letting it control me like last night.

20 mins = 1 mile
30 mins - arms
30 mins - arms
= 927 calories burned

Water: 60oz -- need to buy a water purifier. Im feeling thirstier and drier. its not okay. and my face keeps peeling ugh.

 2 bananas, 1 tbsp peanut butter
pre-workout drink
salad: raw baby spinach, pico de gallo, kimchi, parmesan garlic veggie wings

Ok so I went to a wine party after the unfortunate incident occurred. judge me if you shall but i consumed.....

Cubed cheeses
tortilla chips
chip dip
sweet cashews
cheddar popcorn
and 3 glasses of wine...

So, my point is that I'm repeating day 20.

Gotta cleanse the cheese/dip out of my system and keep my life focused.

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